6-in-the-morning1 STORM WATCH Nasty winter weather plans its attack. Boo! 

2 SPY FOR YOURSELF CBC has released a leaked secret document about U.S. and Canadian spying at the 2010 G20 and G10 meetings in Toronto.

3 MORE ON THAT PALLISTER “INFIDEL ATHEISTS” CLIP Aidan wrote about it yesterday and today, the Winnipeg Free Press has a news story. I’m guessing the Manitoba Tory leader was attempting a joke. Incidentally, the video was shot by the legendary Natalie Pollock, who was essentially a proto-YouTube star in the 1980s and exemplifies the strangeness of Winnipeg indie culture. Here’s the full clip, which includes bonus comments about tobogganing.

4 SYRIA’S CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY United Nations human rights commissioner Navi Pillay asks the UN Security Council to have the International Criminal Court look at Syria.

5 GET READY FOR NON-UNIONIZED ROBOTS THAT WORK FOR FREE Amazon wants to deliver merch via drones.


MYTHBUSTERS WERE HERE Adam Savage and Jaime Hyneman brought their Behind The Myths tour to Regina last night and they humiliated audience volunteers with high speed cameras. This clip is from their Saskatoon show–I’ll add the Regina clips when they go up.