1 NO ROAD FOR YOU Regina’s plaza might never, ever open up to traffic. Wow. Much more to follow.

2 TWO-THIRDS SUPPORT FOR THE SASKATCHEWAN PARTY Going into the last weekend of the Provincial campaign, a Leader-Post poll puts support for Brad Wall’s team at 66.7 per cent. Wow. Maybe the NDP should’ve stuck with Lorne Calvert. Then again, Calvert lost the government in a strong economy which takes a special kind of talent. So maybe not. In othe rcampaign news, a complaint has been filed against the Saskatchewan Party’s blood-splattered depiction of Dwain Lingenfelter and… wait a second, whaaaa?!?!?

3 YOU KNOW THAT STATEMENT, “IT’S ALL GREEK TO ME”? The BBC has a Eurozone crisis debaffler. Link’s here. And here’s the Guardian’s coverage, which will give you a full morning’s worth of reading.

4 NO PORT FOR YOU Israel won’t let ships, one of them Canadian, carrying medical supplies for Gaza sail to Gaza. Read all about it.

5 SICK, SICK SALMON There might be new evidence linking fish farming to the spread of viruses that are devastating salmon stocks in BC. Maybe.

6 FAREWELL, CENTURION Pearl Lutzko,¬†Saskatchewan’s oldest resident, passed away this week at the heroic age of 112. R.I.P., Pearl.