As we gear up for a day of manic-depressive weather (warming up, cooling down, warming up, cooling down), here are some news stories that probably won’t spark any extreme mood swings, unlike the weather might.

1 COMING IN FOR LANDING Canada is sending aid to Mali afterall. Well, sort of. ¬†The feds are sending a military plane to help carry huge shipments. That’s if it ever gets off the ground.

2 COMING CLEAN Lance Armstrong bared all on Oprah’s famous ‘couch‘ on Monday. Word is the disgraced cyclist admitted to doping during his notorious career. For the most part, Oprah has kept mum but has said viewers will be satisfied with the two-part interview that airs on Thursday.

3 SICK LEAVE Chief of the Assembly of First Nations Shawn Atleo is taking a doctor-ordered brief leave of absence. He had norovirus over the holidays and never fully recovered. Plus, he had a pretty tough few days of negotiations and media appearances last week, which some say is partly to blame for his condition.

4 HEAD CASE A research facility in Chicago is under investigation after staff at O’Hare airport¬†intercepted a package containing 18 human heads, which was being shipped from Rome to a Chicago research facility. Oddly, this is a pretty standard form of medical shipment, but a top US official has said they still need to confirm the heads are being used for scientific research or medical purposes.

5 IT’S ALWAYS THE LITTLE GUY WHO SUFFERS The University of Saskatchewan is cutting dozens of jobs over the next few weeks in an effort to tackle its $44 million deficit.

6 HASHTAG OTTAWAPISKAT What if Canada’s capital was a First Nations reserve? That’s just one of the questions being asked as #Ottawapiskat heats up Twitter.