Six In The Morning: Parliament, Yemen, Millionaire Tax, Stuff

1 THE HARPER MAJORITY TAKES OVER Canada’s new Conservative majority government, the preferred choice of most Saskatchewanians (56 per cent), is back in session. On the to-do list: trashing democracy by killing the vote subsidy, trashing the wheat board against the wishes of most Prairie farmers (karma’s a bitch, innit?), passing a pile of expensive and dumb tough on crime laws we don’t need including bringing in the same kind of impractical mandatory sentencing laws that have helped bankrupt so many U.S. states by increasing jail populations,  building more jails to house all these new prisoners, cutting programs we DO need to fight the structural deficit they caused by cutting taxes recklessly, ignoring environmental problems, muzzling any critics they can and generally being short-sighted, pro-business, mean-spirited goons that only a fool or a sociopath could support. More here, here and here.

2 THE TEA PARTY WUVS MILLIONAIRES U.S. President Barack Obama stands by his no cuts without tax increases on millionaires plan while Republican toadies whine about class warfare. “This is not class warfare, it’s math,” says the president. Word.

3 YEMEN PROTESTER KILLAPALOOZA Yemen’s government sucks.

4 MULCAIR WON’T DECLARE NDP Deputy Leader Thomas Mulcair isn’t sure there’s any point running for the NDP leadership, since the party organization in Quebec is pretty much non-existent.

5 REMEMBER THE BRITISH PHONE HACKING SCANDAL? British police are using (i.e. abusing) the country’s Official Secrets Act in an attempt to force The Guardian, the newspaper that exposed phone hacking to the public,  to reveal its sources. This is pure evil–you don’t use legislation designed to bust spies to expose newspaper sources who embarrassed you.

6 IMPORTANT NEWS I DIDN’T BLOG ABOUT YET BECAUSE I’M BUSY, YOU GUYS Brad Wall and co. aren’t happy with the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, scientists have found dinosaur feathers preserved in amber (!!!),  an NHL training camp opened in Winnipeg for the first time in 16 years and an editorial says a Palestinian state is a moral right.

VIDEO! An oldie but a goodie. You’ll never listen to Billy Joel the same way again.

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Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

11 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Parliament, Yemen, Millionaire Tax, Stuff”

  1. Brian Topp seems like a good egg, plus easily fits into Layton’s seat in Toronto once the byelection happens. Unfortch, I’ve read that he, too, had prostate cancer, and as most people know, you seldom ever “beat” cancer…you beat it, for awhile, then it often comes back for you. It’s a risky choice, but I think he’d be a cool guy to see lead, plus Mulcair already handed the CP 2015 election fodder when he rightly chose to reserve decision on whether Osama had *really* been killed by US troops, which in political opinion-making basically means he took out a front page ad announcing that he’s a vile, drooling, maniacal conspiracy theorist that refuses to brush his teeth and lives in his parents’ basement.

  2. What exactly do you like about the Conservatives Brian? I almost always list my reasons for disliking them in detail. You make empty, boosterish comments.

    Enlighten us. Why don’t the Conservatives suck?

  3. Election is over Stevie get over it. Do not worry Sunshine you will have a lot more to whine about in November.

  4. #3: Had you genuinely wanted a reasonable discussion, you would have been well advised not to describe supporters of the current federal government as “fool[s] or sociopath[s]”. You reap what you sow, fellas.

  5. In other words Brian, you can’t defend your political beliefs. Noted.

    Barb: I’d love to reap what I sow. I sowed a snotty rant full of concrete examples of reckless public policy. Brian was welcome to return the favour. He apparently can’t.

    At least he called me “sunshine”. That’s kind of sweet.

  6. Come now, Stephen: pretend-innocent won’t wash. By your characterisation (noted in #6 above), you precluded any defence of an opposing position, because you are saying that there is no such thing. Sounds like a Tea Party tactic.

  7. You’re right Barb, I’m sure Brian could’ve justified his politics if not for my snotty writing. It’s all my fault that Brian can’t defend his beliefs. I’m just like the Tea Party. I see that now.

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