6-in-the-morning1 REGINA’S OFFICIAL COMMUNITY PLAN Approved. Now let’s see how fast we can build expensive, unsustainable sprawl out to our infinite horizons.

2 CARS, HORSES AND TRAILERS Band leaders of Big Island Lake Cree Nation are being audited after allegations they spent money targeted for social assistance on themselves. See? White politicians aren’t the only ones embroiled in scandals. That’ll teach you to be so racist.

3 ROB FORD: “SUPER, SUPER, SUPER SORRY.” Toronto calamity Rob Ford apologizes, sort of, to Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale. Dale served a libel notice against Ford last week after Ford insinuated Dale might be a pedophile. Ford also apologized for suggesting other city councillors were “corrupt” at yesterday’s gong show council meeting.

4 TURN ‘EM OVER Residential school abuse survivors — and we’re talking rape, being forced to eat vomit and torture in an electric chair — are in court in Toronto fighting to get police documents on a 1990s police investigation. They say their attempts to get information to use to get compensation are being thwarted by the federal government. The feds say there are privacy issues. Wah wah.

5 THE END IS NIGH Inept apocalypse predictor Harold Camping has passed away at 92. Camping once inspired an entire day of apocalypse-themed blogging on this website, and I thank him for that. Now that he’s dead I feel a little bad for calling him a sad, delusional, elderly lunatic. I mean, he was, but still.

6 NSA PHONE SURVEILLANCE PROBABLY “UNREASONABLE SEARCH UNDER THE FOURTH AMENDMENT”: U.S. JUDGE Duh. No surprise that tech companies want this malarkey fixed.

AND ALSO THESE THINGS The FBI says more people will be charged in the quarter-century old Lockerbie bombing, Edward Snowden asks for asylum in Brazil; we should all avoid multivitamins; woodland caribou remain a threatened species; Russia rewards Ukraine for not joining the E.U., judges are balking against a dysfunctional  Tory law passed to make the Conservatives look good regardless of its (lack of) merit; in any case they’re at 28 per cent in the polls; Justin Trudeau is a political MVP?; actor Shia LeBouef ripped off one of my favourite cartoonists; and Regina might finally get that new office building on Rose Street.

DID I MENTION THAT BRIAN’S BACK FROM THE DEAD? Family Guy creator Seth MacMarlane said on Twitter: “I mean, you didn’t really think we’d kill off Brian, did you? Jesus, we’d have to be fucking high.”