6-in-the-morning1 NOTHING HAPPENED YESTERDAY Psych! The Riders won the Grey Cup! People from Hamilton are a little sad. For some reason, Tom Hanks was in Regina. Sounds like the happy Rider mob was well-behaved. Hopefully no one needed an emergency room. Buses weren’t running into the evening, which is an embarrassment. But all in all, fun times were had.

2 IT’S BYELECTION DAY More here. Go Linda McQuaig!

3 IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL It happened. Israel and U.S. Republicans don’t like it. Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird also dunnit like it. Read even more here and here.

4 SENATE SCANDAL UPDATE Read all about it.

5 WE WANT YOUR IDEAS (UNLESS THEY COST MONEY)  Canada’s Finance Minister pretends he wants budget input from opposition parties.

6 A BUNCH OF OTHER NEWS We’re losing antibiotics, a preventable crisis which will come as no surprise to anyone who understands basic science; The WTO says the EU can ban our seal products; Rob Ford is a fibber; a story about the Rob Ford media circus; and  here’s a story about marijuana tourism to the U.S.

GOODBYE, BRIAN Well, for now at least. Last night while we were all watching the Grey Cup, Family Guy killed off its best character. R.I.P., Brian. Hopefully not for too long.