6-in-the-morning1 ROB FORD AND HIS BIG MOUTH Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale has filed notice¬†against the Toronto mayor, who has repeatedly insinuated that he’s a possible pedophile. More here, here, here and here.

2 THERE WERE 91 CHILDREN KILLED BY GUNS IN THE U.S. IN 2012 Fucking appalling.

3 HIGH SCHOOL TROUBLE One of the leads in a Regina high school play is wearing a “fat suit”. Not pleasing.

4 A FEW FACTS ON COMPACT FLUORESCENT LAMPS Yay energy efficiency! But boo mercury! Hmmm. Guess I should look into getting LEDs.

5 HYDROGEN FROM STONES Science! Could be a green renewable energy source someday.

6 DINOSAUR FLESHY BITS Edmontosaurus had a comb! This is the first evidence I’ve heard that supports my theory of dinosaur noses.

AND ONE MORE! Canada’s Supreme Court will rule on the constitutionality of our country’s anti-prostitution laws on December 20.

AND ALSO! Ukraine offers protestors amnesty; the U.S. isn’t going to change its bullshit Internet spying ways; more here; also it turns out that a rogue CIA operation got an ex-FBI agent captured and possibly executed in Iran; household debt in Canada reaches another all-time high; North Korea likes executing people; there’s an epic inbred rural family in Australia and it’s horrible; some seriously ill Regina children might be sent to Saskatoon; and it’s amazing what constant exposure to anti-union propaganda combined with declining standards of living will do to people’s attitudes.

GODZILLA! This trailer came out Tuesday but, eh. I was busy and sick. Here it is now.