6-in-the-morning1 IDLE NO MORE ROCKS MY WORLD There was another protest in Saskatoon and you can read about it here. Whoever figured out that these events should happen at malls is a genius. They’re bold, they’re peaceful and they’re impossible to ignore.

2 GOOD FROM BAD? The rape, torture and murder of a women  could lead to change in India’s sick culture. Also, police will ask for the death penalty for the killers.

3 THERE BE JOBS HERE Canada’s got new jobs — mostly in Ontario, mostly in the construction industry, but hey, they’re jobs. The Canadian Press has the city-by-city breakdown. Also, I was amused by the CBC’s choice for a source in this article. I probably would’ve had my reporter talk to someone who’s NOT currently running for the leadership of a provincial NDP party. No offence to Mr. Weir’s expertise.

4 SUPPORT THE TROOPS! Canadian military families who move a lot are getting creamed by real estate markets and the government isn’t helping, boo. That reminds me of this.

5 THAT PESKY LINE IN THE SAND Murray Mandryk writes about Premier Brad Wall’s privatization trial balloons.

6 SASKATCHEWAN’S NEW LOGO Well, on government press releases anyway. I guess I’m neutral on it–it’s just flat-out weak compared to the iconic wheat logo, which is a logo for the ages. But I’ve seen worse. Our publisher, however, says it’s propaganda; an extension of the Saskatchewan Party brand into government of Saskatchewan negotiations. Terry’s right but that’s an old political game; the Liberals were masters, the federal Conservatives suck and the Sask Party seems pretty adept. And you’ve already read Rosie’s opinion. Anyway, all the logos are after the jump. Happy Friday!