1. HOW COME U DON’T CALL ME ANYMORE?  That dirty bird Prince has cancelled his Saskatoon concert.

2. GOOD BOY! An Ohio couple’s newly adopted dog has already earned his keep.

3. AND IF YOU SCROLLED DOWN BELOW THE ADOPTED DOG STORY, YOU MIGHT HAVE FOUND THIS  A 9 year old girl survived being trapped for two days in an overturned car by subsisting on Pop Tarts.

4. AN ALBINO SPIDER, YOU SAY?  Expert “nearly fell over” when he discovered it.

5. PROOF THAT MISUNDERSTOOD WRITERS ARE AS OLD AS TIME  These ancient cave markings might be evidence of very early writings.

6. WE’RE GOING TO SEE A LOT MORE OF THEM, SO Here’s a little something that explains why no two snowflakes are the same.