6-in-the-morning1. THERE’S AN OVER-ARCHING EDUCATION PLAN FOR SASKATCHEWAN But you cannot see it! Ha!

2. THERE’S A KILLER TIGER ON THE LOOSE I desperately hope they catch her alive and unharmed and send her somewhere where she can’t eat people. With less than an estimated 3,200 tigers left in the wild, we can’t afford to shoot any. On a semi-related note: It’s likely that I will someday be massacred by a cougar/rattlesnake/moose/bear or other wild animal I recklessly hugged. Please do not avenge my my death by killing the poor, defenceless beast that ripped my throat out/repeatedly bit me in the face/stomped me into goo/disemboweled and partially ate me. Thank you.

3. ROB FORD: A GIFT KEEPS GIVING He and his brother launched their YouTube show and discussed how embarrassment leads to lying. Also, Ford was allegedly drunk and talking gibberish in a BC bar. Also, a Toronto production company bought the film and TV rights to Robyn Doolittle’s best-selling book on Rob Ford. Let the casting speculation begin!

4. PICKETING AIN’T FOR PUSSIES CBC reports that 150 employees of Degelman Industries are on the picket line in this veryveryvery cold weather. Workers rejected a contract last fall.

5. AND OH YEAH, IT’S COLD AGAIN In case you didn’t notice.

6. HOCKEY SHOULD’A BEEN FIRST An NFL draft prospect reveals that he’s gay. World continues to turn.

MONDAY MORNING MEDAL COUNT Canada doesn’t have the most medals but it’s got the best medals.

VIDEO! In honour of MacDonald’s dropping the ball on LGBT rights, here’s a Buzzfeed video about their gross food.