2 THAT NDP RADIO AD This thing? Heard about it? The NDP is not getting much love for its radio ad that uses harsh Brad Wall quotes on striking SGEU crop insurance workers. John Gormley, who is “appalled that our tax money goes to pay for this stuff,” doesn’t want ¬†publicly-paid political advertising at all.

3 ISLAMISTS: NOT NICE Religious extremists block aid from parts of Somalia, which is being massacred by drought and famine. Form your own highly judgmental but totally warranted opinions.

4 CRIME IS DOWN BUT WE’RE STILL NUMBER ONE The important statistic is that crime in Regina is down by eight per cent. Another notable statistic is that we’re seventh in crime severity. The much-less important though still interesting statistic is that Regina’s crime rate is the highest in Canada. Conclusion: crime’s going down and we should all feel good about that. Story here.

5 NO WAIT WE’RE NUMBER TWO Regina is tied with Vancouver as the second-fastest-growing city in Canada. Number one? Saskatoon. Good job, Planet S!

6 SPEAKING OF CRIME, THE CONSERVATIVES NEED TO START PAYING ATTENTION TO FACTS You don’t spend tons of public money to “get tough on crime” when crime is declining. This American-style jail-craziness doesn’t belong in Canada. Is it too much to expect our political leaders to be freaking competent and reality-based?

HEY, IT’S AL FRANKEN! I hadn’t heard his name in the news much lately and I missed him. But he had a good moment in the spotlight the other day taking down an anti-gay-rights bigot for twisting facts to support his beliefs. Fun!