2 BANANA TOSSER ARRESTED. Good. Too bad it sounds like the black dude on the receiving end of the banana might be a bit of a homophobe. And to the commentators who will say the “homophobic slur” (“faggot” I assume) might not have been intended as a homophobic slur: well, normally I’d be willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt but since the hockey player on the receiving end of Simmonds’ snipe, Sean Avery, is a prominent gay rights  advocate, I lean toward thinking the slur was meant in a homophobic way.

3 SPENDING MONEY TO FIGHT POVERTY SAVES MONEY A new report has some old news. And it’ll be ignored by most politicians, as usual. In fact, the Conservatives are investing in the wrong end of the problem: prisons. So, whatever. Actually, I think I better include a block quote to get the attention of the welfare-bashing blockheads out there:

A homeless person in Calgary, for example, can run up $42,000 a year in costs at emergency shelters. Putting that person in a prison or psychiatric hospital would cost about $120,000. But giving that person access to supportive housing and social services would cost between $13,000 and $18,000, the report says.

Please make a note, all you self-described “taxpayers”: smart social policy saves money. Jails cost a fortune (like a half-billion dollar fortune).

4 CRIME KEEPS GOING DOWN IN REGINA Huh. Well, we better get our Conservatives to arrest more people and build more jails then.

5 OF COURSE DICK CHENEY SHOULD BE HAVE BEEN ARRESTED WHEN HE ENTERS ENTERED CANADA He helped start an illegal war and make torture legal. Those are facts. There’s no way he shouldn’t be, have been arrested. Arrest him already.

6 ONE MORE YEAR TO COMPLETE THE CIRCLE Saskatoon’s Circle Drive, that is.