Six In The Morning: No One Wants Bombs

6-in-the-morning1. GLOBAL WARMING FOOT-DRAGGING WILL FUCK THE GLOBAL ECONOMY: UNITED NATIONS They state it perhaps less bluntly than I do but the bottom line is that ignoring climate change has created a critical situation and we need to act.

2. YEAH, I’LL TAKE THE OIL INDUSTRY’S CLEARLY NOT SELF-SERVING OPINIONS OVER NEIL YOUNG’S, SURE “In Hollywood, the land of make-believe, everything is black and white, good and evil,” says a guy in a suit who makes his living promoting fossil fuels. Kinda skips over addressing Young’s scientifically-founded environmental, economic and social concerns but hey, it’s easier to punch straw arguments. We should’ve been pouring cash into alternative energy research 30 years ago but jerks in suits blocked change because it would’ve stopped them from raking in their easy money.

3. WIND REPORT Right here. I also like the headline on this StarPhoenix story.

4. STRIPPERS AND LIBRARIES Leader-Post news ranger Emma Graney takes secret delight at getting away with covering both topics in this one story about City Hall’s executive committee meeting.



THIS VIDEO DEDICATED TO EDMONTON’S HARD-WORKING AIRPORT SECURITY Apparently, Edmonton airport officials tried to make the pipe bomb totin’- teen take his explosive device onto a plane. No, really. He declined. I guess some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

5 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: No One Wants Bombs”

  1. 1. I think I’ll wait for more qualified experts like Les MacPherson to post an insightful comment on the Dog Blog before putting too much more thought into the climate change issue. I find his wisdom often helps me sort out the truth from the fiction on these difficult issues of the day. Yeah, right!
    3. Those zany Star Phoenix staffers sure know their stuff when it comes to writing quality headlines but they’ve outdone themselves with this one — a real “gooder” — accurate yet witty! Funny thing though — that headline seems more like what I’d normally read in Prairie Dog. Don’t tell me the SP has surpassed the PD with its word wizardry.Watch out little Prairie Dog — can Verb be far behind?!
    4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some Emma Graney! Emma, Emma, all the time! Can’t get enough. But, what surprised me in Emma’s Leader Post story about Libraries and Strippers is her comment that Regina Public Library came first. And, it was before noon. Bravo!
    5. I followed the early January news stories online and in various media outlets about MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan’s recent experience in Sri Lanka so it was nice to see your update today. She seems like a smart, hard-working individual who is trying to do good, not only for the people in her riding but also for others around the world. It’s too bad she was subject to such intimidation and risk while in Sri Lanka. It’s scary. But, what’s even scarier is that hundreds and thousands of Sri Lankans, and others, suffer this same fate on a daily basis in their own country. And, most of these people don’t have the luxury of the support system Sitsabaiesan had back in Canada, with members of her own party and the government offering or coming to her assistance. On a side note, for anyone considering reading the online comments attached to the non-Prairie Dog news stories about Sitsabaiesan’s experience — just don’t. Consider this my favour to you. I’ve just saved your head from exploding due to the red-neck, sexist, racist, classless nonsense posted by too many SICK FUCKS who make it their job to bash anyone with a progressive thought in their head.
    6. Indeed, an interesting take on the challenges facing Obamacare in the US as well as various Medicare-type programs across the globe as we start to see various governments move to change their current systems or adopt new ways to provide healthcare to their citizens.

  2. “Emmy”? A bit familiar, a Freudian slip, or hinting to a new PD award for Excellence in Subtle Opinion Insertion in local journalism, or just a typo?

  3. As usual, city hypocrite Mike O’Donnell says he expects strip club owners will provide transportation for their workers.

    How come he didn’t expect the same from fledgling mom and pop operation Walmart when they set up in Harbour Landing?

    Oh right, Mike O’Donnell is too busy giving real estate developers figurative lap dances in the champagne room that is our city council chamber.

  4. Re: “Emmy”: Brain fart/typo, probably activated by the “Y” at the end of “Graney”. Fixed. Thanks.

  5. If a guy (Neil Young) looks like someone who just rolled out of an alley at 5th & Retallack, do we still dismiss him as “Just a celebrity”? I love his point: “Integrity’s not even on the map. That goes for Wall and Fougere, too.

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