1. JOBS NOT PART OF CANADIAN RECOVERY: Thanks in part to Stockwell Day’s slash and burn approach to employee relations, last year’s lone source of new jobs — the public sector — just dried up. If the economy recovers at all in 2010, it’ll do so without boosting employment. Thanks for the help during tough times, Stock. I thought your government’s goal was to get people back to work? (Globe and Mail)

2. BOOKSELLERS BRACE FOR AMAZON INVASION: Canadian booksellers are calling on the Heritage Minister to halt Amazon’s plans to open a distribution hub here. (Globe and Mail)

3. SORRY KID, YOUR SCHOLARSHIP’S BEEN FNUC’ED: Looks like the FNUniv administration was dipping into scholarship funds when their general coffers were low. Advanced education minister, Rob Norris, is asking the Ministry of Justice to look into $400,000 missing in scholarship funds. (Leader Post)

4. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY, WOMEN… LOVE, BRAD WALL: Whitworth is telling me that on CBC radio this morning they reported that today, the day after International Women’s Day, the Sask Party government canceled a domestic violence program in Saskatoon. Nothing’s up on their website yet. Oh lookit, the Star Phoenix has it covered. (Star Phoenix)

5. CREATIONISTS AND GLOBAL WARMING DENIERS COMING TOGETHER AT LAST: This is from last week but worth reading. Creationists in the States are using the public’s growing doubts about climate change to help shoe horn their batshit crazy ideas about people living with dinosaurs in the garden of eden into science classrooms. That creationists find the arguments of climate deniers compelling really should be the final nail in the denier’s coffin. Think it’ll work out that way? Yeah, me neither. (New York Times)

6. WE’LL SWAP YOU ONE DANNY WILLIAMS FOR YOUR SARAH PALIN: She probably just wanted to be liked, you know, when she admitted before a crowd in Calgary that when she was younger her family would scoot across the border to get treatment from the Canadian healthcare system she now vilifies. Liberal bloggers and pundits in the States are tearing her apart for it. Poor kid. Isn’t it cute how she’s pretending to run for president.This Hour Has 22 Minutes can do the rest of the heavy lifting on this story. Go get her, Marge!