Six In The Morning: Murder, Riots, Profits, Bigots And Pissed-Off Frogs

1 MORE BLOOD ON ANTI-SEMITIC HANDS A piece of loathsome human garbage has murdered a teacher and three children at a French Jewish school. On the topic of murder, Mexican police have found 10 severed heads outside a slaughterhouse in drug-war torn Guerrero state. Lovely.

2 YOUTH GONE WILD  The hangover from a St. Patrick’s Day student riot in London, Ontario continues. London’s police chief, Jim Holmes, compares the fires and vandalism to a “war zone”.

3 SCREW THE WORKERS There’s a library strike in Toronto (no benefits for part-time workers? Really, Toronto?) while locked-out Montreal aerospace workers are blocking roads. Oh, and Air Canada apparently has a lot of sick pilots.

4 A BIG SLICE OF APPLE PIE Apple’s had a good week. First, it turned out one of the corporation’s most devastating critics was full of malarkey. Now, it’s going to dip into its insane, $98 billion cash reserves to reward shareholders. The story at the other end of that link has a neat slideshow on 10 things Apple could do with its cash reserves.

5 THE OTHER NDP LEADERSHIP RACE Joe Couture has a round-up of people considering a run at the Sask NDP’s top job. In other NDP news, Jack Layton’s Toronto-Danforth riding is up for grabs today. Talk about big shoes to fill.

6 NOBEL HOMOPHOBIA Liberia’s president, a Nobel peace prize winner, defends bigoted anti-gay laws: “We like ourselves the way we are,” she says. Apparently not, since a lot of Liberians are gay and were born that way. Apologists say the country isn’t ready for grown-up discussions of the issue. I don’t want to say “fair enough” because it isn’t fair at all. But. Since even Canada, a peaceful, stable and wealthy country with a kabillion advantages over Liberia, only found the gumption to legalize gay marriage a few years ago, we shouldn’t be total dicks about Liberia being total dicks. But these loony attitudes still need to change. The sooner Africans (and Russians, and Americans, and Conservatives…) get over their unnatural fears of common human sexual expression, the better for everyone.

Oh, and the comments were made during a meeting with a war criminal who’ll never be charged for his crimes. The world is fun!

PET FROG IS NOT AMUSED BY YOUR DICKERY This is my new favourite animal video this week. I love the smell of schadenfreude  in the morning. (Or is that schadenfrog?) (Via Slog)

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Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

7 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Murder, Riots, Profits, Bigots And Pissed-Off Frogs”

  1. Actually only one more pilot phoned in sick from the same weekend last year. Can we say media created crisis.

  2. The Globe story includes the graph:

    “Air Canada is alleging that some of its pilots have been booking off work in what it asserts is an illegal strike activity sanctioned by the union. More than a dozen pilots cited stress or fatigue for their absence on Saturday in Montreal, for instance.”

    So that right there isn’t media-created. Doesn’t mean you’re not right. Do you have a source for the “only one more pilot called in sick than last year” claim?

  3. The frog wanted a bonus reward for doing the daily menial task put in front of she/he.
    Biting the hand that feeds you makes zero sense.

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