Six In The Morning: Mucho Harpo Barfo

6-in-the-morning1. MAYBE DON’T CLOSE RESEARCH LIBRARIES The Harper government, which hates science and scientists, has screwed up again.

2. HARPER ANNOUNCES AID TO PALESTINIANS But $66 million probably isn’t enough to convince people he’s got a massive bias towards Israel, especially when his bodyguards are accused of assaulting Palestinian journalists.

3. PARTING SICK CANADIANS FROM THEIR MONEY ONE PATIENT AT A TIME A Regina woman says changes to medical marijuana laws are “just a money grab.”

4. BEING EVIL AND STUPID PAYS The Conservative Party Of Canada are the nation’s political fundraising champs for 2014. Not sure what the breakdown is between donations from ordinary citizens and the oil industry — with poll numbers in the mid-20s, it seems unlikely to me that the Conservatives would have the most total donors of the big three parties — but then again, Americans give lots of money to televangelists. People are pretty dumb sometimes.

5. THERE WAS AN OIL SPILL NEAR REGINA THIS WEEKEND It happened Saturday morning. Maybe Neil Young snuck out of his hotel room and sabotaged the pipeline. Damn hippies. Damn hippies.

6. MEANWHILE ON EARTH Iran has been invited to join Syrian peace talks; Iran has also stopped enriching uranium; a political crisis continues in Ukraine; there’s concerns and conflict about Olympic security; climate scientists warn U.S. senators that climate change is very, very bad; apparently, showing un-retouched photos of women who aren’t models is now bullying; Martin Luther King gets a Google Doodle in the U.S.; some assholes talked trash about gay people; also, an ignorant bigot said gay marriage causes storms; Canucks coach John Tortorella is in hot water and the Seattle Seahawks are on their way to the Superbowl–and it will be the Superbowl Of Pot. And there will be entertaining personalities!

VIDEO! Sorry, there are no videos on the Internet today. I just spent 20 minutes looking. Nothing!

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

7 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Mucho Harpo Barfo”

  1. I personally know people who equate Harper with Prosperity, and there is no talking them out of that notion. Lots of these people exist, and once you add them to the corporate types that Harper is actually governing on behalf of, you have a pretty big pile of money and influence.

  2. “I personally know people who equate Harper with Prosperity”

    Ah yes, Canada’s very own “temporarily-embarrassed millionaires.”

  3. No, seriously, these are “average” people who think that unions and welfare are evil entities which must be extinguished, and that free-market capitalism is the answer to every problem. They see the NDP and Liberals as robbers and the Cons as heroes. These are people who eat up the words of John Gormley and Rob Ford. They frighten me.

  4. Oh I get it. I’m agreeing with you. These people seem to believe that, but for everything that actually supports the existence of a middle class, they would be living the life of Gatsby.

  5. There are also enough dumb people to accept that buying a house near a refinery and being obliterated by a Bakken supernova is a reasonable price to pay for such “prosperity”, all the while dumbing down the debate with their “other side of story” argument. So, as long as people can justify being dumb, we will be burdened by dumb people and their odd preferences.

  6. Unfortunately, I fear that a Bakken supernova woulde take out far more of Reginatown than Somerset. Similarly, I have become acutely aware of my home’s proximity to the CP line. Cathedral could easily go the way of Lac Megantic, should things go awry.

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