Six In The Morning: More Than Just Six

6-in-the-morning1 BIG BROTHER CAN READ YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS AND ACCESS YOUR BANK ACCOUNT The United States and Great Britain have completely compromised Internet security. U.S. President Barack Obama says don’t worry, they won’t abuse this gigantic power, it will all be okay.



4 ALSO, THE GOVERNMENT IS SCREWING AROUND WITH EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANTS The parent of a special needs child does not like the fact that her daughter will now have four rotating EAs instead of one dedicated EA. Well, that’s what happens when we elect provincial governments with a weak and extremely outdated understanding of how public education works. UPDATE: Commentator Tim points out that the policy was reversed. Good!

5 GANG MEMBER SENTENCED Just a horrible story. Hey, criminal organizations: don’t create a culture where your young members think stabbing random civilians for wearing the wrong colour is a good idea. Crime is about making money. There’s no money in bad PR. While we’re on the topic of youth crime, programs like this one focussed on at-risk youth are good ideas.

6 THE U.S. AND RUSSIA CAN’T AGREE ON THE WISDOM OF BOMBING SYRIA Story here. Maybe the Americans shouldn’t start bombing and the Russians shouldn’t back an evil regime. Oh wait, Putin says he’ll totally aid the Assad regime if the U.S. launches a strike. Putin is such an asshole.

BONUS NEWS: Holy shit, buses will be free on Fridays in Regina this month? That’s a great idea! Also, there’s going to be a provincial election in Nova Scotia; Quebec needs to knock off its anti-Sikh bullshit; there are no suitable jobs for more than seven out of 10 Canadians; a Stoner killed a grizzly bear; George Zimmerman’s wife wants a divorce from the not-a-murderer; here’s an article with a hilarious headline; Hitler’s last living bodyguard died and Ariel Castro killed himself in prison way earlier this week but we never blogged about it so I am now and here’s the latest.

AUSTRALIAN PRIME MINISTER KEVIN RUDD SHOWS WHAT CHRISTIANITY SHOULD LOOK LIKE I could not love Rudd’s defence of same-sex marriage against some bigoted idiot pastor any more.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

8 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: More Than Just Six”

  1. (2) I’m surprised that everyone is surprised. People still drive drunk, even after years of anti-DD education and countless deaths and injuries. People are still speeding through construction zones despite deaths and fines and ad campaigns. People are still sexist, including the “educational elite” and women who should know better. The fight is never over, folks.

    (6) This is a civil war. Awful things happen in a civil war, perpetrated by both sides. As in former Yugoslavia, there are no good guys.
    We should offer humanitarian aid to the countries accepting refugees, by all means. We should also severely penalize any Canadian resident or citizen who goes over to fight for one side or another, or who remains here but channels war support to one side or the other.
    The US should stop being cop to the world: it just makes a bad situation worse, and it wastes lives and resources.

    Re: the proposed Quebec Charter of Values: why do you single out the Sikhs, when Orthodox Jews who wear distinctive garb and Muslim women who wear the hijab are also under fire?

  2. (4) Ok, I’m totally confused by your headline…it appears the issue is with the local Division, not the government. I don’t see any reference to how the Ministry is involved. Or am I just unable to read so late in the week?

  3. Tim: thanks very much for the link to the update. I’ll add it to the article. The reason I singled out the government is 1.) this line: “According to Hudon, officials said the change in routine was due to provincial government policies,” and 2.) the provincial government’s already been in hot water for cutting EA positions so there’s at least the possibility of a pattern of ignorance here.

    Barb: You’re right–that Quebec charter affects Muslims and possibly other religious groups as well. I fixated on Sikhs because the story of the Quebec soccer federation’s turban ban is still nibbling my anger-nerve (even though the ban was reversed). Also, I have PTSD from long-ago arguments with my dad over Sikhs wearing turbans in the RCMP. Finally, one of my best friends growing up was Sikh, and I really hated the racism directed against him.

  4. Ah thanks for pointing that out Stephen, I missed that line…so it is all my fault. :-) It has been a long week when you miss half of it from a cold. Sigh.

  5. (4) Ever since the government removed the ability to levy local taxes from school divisions, blaming the ministry for problems large and small has become almost a knee-jerk response. That said, it must be acknowledged that ministry policies — some of which, such as greater classroom integration and less funding for/reliance on assistants, predate the Wall government — have complicated the responsibilities of school divisions, and this on top of the long delay in implementing the new funding formula. It must also be added that every September, no matter how thoroughly a division has planned, school opening is something of a crap shoot. Students come out of the woodwork, or disappear into it, so pre-registration almost never gives the numbers and distribution expected. This has a direct effect on classroom composition and personnel deployment, as well as transportation. It’s rather like Calgary weather: wait 15 minutes and it will change.

    I infer from the original article that the mother approached local officials first, which was absolutely the right step to take, and then spoke of her concerns to the media. She hoped for a change in practice, and whether it was a result of publicity or the normal September adjustments, that change happened. The division got beyond finger-pointing at the ministry, and solved the problem itself, which indicates that there was latitude available, ministry policies notwithstanding.

  6. Apparently the guy they elected is a climate change skeptic who opposes gay marriage — i.e. a bigot and a maroon. I’m not sure Australia’s going to be happy with that, but I guess we’ll see.

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