1 IT’S ELECTION DAY IN MANITOBA!  Read stuff here. If the NDP wins, it’ll be their fourth term. If the Conservatives win, right-wingers will control all four western provinces. If the liberals win, well, we’re all invited to a skating party in hell.

2 IT’S ELECTIONS DAY-AFTER IN P.E.I. AND THE N.W.T.Read about it here and here.

3 APPARENTLY OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DOESN’T REALLY UNDERSTAND CLIMATE CHANGE That’s the absolutely shocking news in a new report by Canada’s environment commissioner.

4 TORIES TABLE BILL TO KILL VOTE SUBSIDY This is great news for those who think rich people should have more influence in politics than the rest of us. Back when he led the so-called National Citizens Coalition, Stephen Harper worked hard to protect the right of wealthy people to spend unlimited money on their pet politicians, so this isn’t a surprise.

5 AT LEAST 70 PEOPLE HAVE BEEN KILLED IN A SOMALI CAR BOMB ATTACK Suicide bombings suck. Bombings suck. Killing people sucks. Terrorists suck. Sucks sucks sucks.

6 APPLE LAUNCHES iPHONE 5 TODAY This is some sexy, sexy news for Apple fetishists. Live blog here. UPDATE: better live blog here. Apple is boring.

THE ALBERTA PC PARTY HAS BETTER DEMOCRACY THAN ALBERTA ITSELF I said yesterday I’d dig up the video that shows how a preferential voting system works with cats. Here it is. If we had preferential voting in Canada we would never again have a majority government elected without majority votes. We need to change our broken, dishonest electoral system. Now watch this video, which was produced for a British referendum on voting reform. (British voters fucked it up, but at least a better voting system got discussed and maybe it’ll come back in the future.)