1 WHAT’S THE POINT?:  The Conservative party is going to put the “royal” back in Canada’s air force and navy. (via Globe & Mail)

2 THEN YOU TRY TO REMEMBER WHAT YOU EVER SAW IN HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE… Some guy in Quebec dumped a 20-tonne rock on his ex-wife’s driveway. (via CTV)

3 IRAQ IS A MESS: 39 people were killed and 315 wounded yesterday on what authorities are calling the most deadly day all year in Iraq. (via NYTimes)

4 SECURITY SUMMIT IN WINNIPEG: The U.S. Homeland Security secretary is in town to talk about border security. (via Winnipeg Free Press)

5 OVER THE FALLS: A 19-year-old international student fell into the Niagara river and went over the falls yesterday. I’m actually surprised this doesn’t happen more often. (via Toronto Star)

6 BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO KEEP BAILING EVERYONE OUT: You know it’s time to get really nervous when Germany’s economy comes to a screeching halt. (via Guardian UK)