6-in-the-morning1 DAY OF PROTEST Americans protested the acquittal of George Zimmerman yesterday. More here. In Los Angeles, police fired bean bag bullets at marchers and called a city-wide tactical alter but all in all, demonstrations and vigils wererelatively peaceful. However, a 43-year-old white woman attacked a 73-year-old black singer during a concert after the singer, soul legend Lester Chambers, dedicated a song to Trayvon Martin. She’d allegedly yelled “it’s all your fault!” before the attack. “She had a crazed look in her eye. I saw the devil there,” said a friend of Chambers. White people sure do get angry.

1.5 RACISM IN OTHER PLACES I can’t even. WTF, Italy?

2 SHUFFLING TO HARPERLAND The federal cabinet, its hour come round at last, gets some new rough beasts (that terrible Yeats joke courtesy the intro to English Lit course I took a million years ago). On the Sask. front, Gerry Ritz remains Agriculture minister, however, Brad Trost and Maurice Vellacott continue to be unfairly denied their chance to shine in a portfolio. Also: here’s a story on what being a cabinet minister pays.

3 THE PAST EXPOSED Albertans and visitors should keep an eye open for fossils and other buried treasures that have been newly exposed by the recent floods.

4 HOTEL CALIFORNIA California prisons are disease-filled dungeons where over-crowding is common, women are bullied into being sterilized and medical treatment is inadequate. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Cali jails amount to “cruel and unusual punishment”. So yeah, there are problems.

5 LOBLAW BUYS SHOPPERS Like it says. The cost: $12.4 billion.

6 DON’T READ THIS Some idiot attempted to DIY neuter a dog by banding its nuts to cut off circulation and cause them to shrivel up and fall off. I told you not to read that. Well, now everyone’s morning’s ruined. Great. Might as well read this story about bunglers killing whales.

VIDEO Since I’m still enraged over Texas Republican misogyny nonsense I’ma share this educational video. Some of our anti-choice readers would benefit from watching it and learning the facts in it, which are FACTS, which are not made-up superstitious malarkey. Alternately they can continue to support laws that lead to 47,000 women (AND their fetuses) dying every year.