1 THE LONG-FORM CENSUS IS BACK IN COURT A coalition of aboriginal groups is suing the federal government for shenanigans. Hopefully they’ll win their Charter case, because making the long-form voluntary wrecks the census as a source of dependable and comprehensive data that’s important to anyone involved in any kind of long-term. The government’s move was evil and idiotic.

2 CANADIANS ARE TAKING ON MORE DEBT THAN EVER Well, I’m sure nothing horrible will happen if this trend continues. And a say that as a debt-junkie. Gimme another hit of that sweet, sweet credit–Whitworth needs a new gaming computer.

3 FEDS TO INVEST 300 MILLION IN DEFENCE CONTRACTOR Story, with zero emphasis on the “defence contractor” part, here.

4 TORIES CALLED ON CARPET FOR CAMPAIGN SPENDING SHENANIGANS IN QUEBEC Something about improperly claiming a national campaign office as a regional campaign office, yawwwn, I mean, grrr! Skullduggery!

5 U.S. SENATE TO DEBATE TAX COMPROMISE I have a tax compromise: how about the American rich don’t have to pay any taxes because they’re just better than anyone else? Seriously, that country is sinking and the wealthy need an extended tax break? What a spectacular failure of leadership by the most well-off. Taxes make society work, people who don’t want to pay the freight are anarchists. We’re all in this together. Oh, story here.

6 CANCUN CLIMATE DEAL DETAILS Pffft whatever. It’s not nearly enough and Canada is one of the big problems.

I SAID, MONDAY NEEDS MORE COFFEE! WHERE’S MY MORE-COFFEE? Tuberculosis: amok in Nunevut. French schoolchildren are safe after unwell sword-dude is apprehended. Regina needs more accessible playgrounds, says Mayor Fiacco. NDP leader Jack Layton sticks up for small business. THERE’S A NEW LEMUR IN MADAGASCAR, SQUEEEE! Hill Clint to meet with Law Cannon and Mexico’s foreign stuff lady whose name cannot be entertainingly shortened. Christians are fleeing Iraq. I’d think everyone would be fleeing Iraq. Welfare rates are up across Canada, however being on welfare still really, really sucks. Will there be a federal election in 2011? On Friday, Saskatchewan delayed a move to clean coal, read more here. Gawker’s been hacked, everyone change your passwords–wait, we have Gawker passwords? Like the football team it would host, Winnipeg’s stadium deal has fallen apart. Barn owls are being killed by rat poison, that sucks. The Swedish suicide bomber is identifiedCarrie Fisher says John Travolta is gay.