1 MIDDLE EAST MONDAY MESS  Today’s news from Egypt, Syria, Libya and Iraq.

2 SHHH DON’T TELL THE AUDITOR The NDP Opposition says the Conservative government committed some tomfoolery with the G8 legacy fund. Read the story yourself and see what you think. Sounds like shenanigans to me.

3 THE CASE OF CANADA’S CRUMMY COURTS Citing a new report, the head of the Supreme Court of Canada says access to the legal system is “not terrible” but ought to be better. Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin cited a World Justice Institute report that says we’re nine out of 12 in a ranking of us, the U.S. and 10 European countries. This article in The Globe And Mail doesn’t mention an relevant and important detail: namely that our record was probably not helped by the Conservatives cancelling then half-ass restoring the Court Challenges Program, which helped people who didn’t have a lot of money fight for equality rights. (Don’t be shy about clicking that last link.) Not impressed by the amnesia, G&M.

4 MEET THE REPUBLICAN FRONTRUNNERS The Washington Post has an overview to help you start your week in a state of stark terror.

5 WARREN BUFFET SAYS RAISE TAXES ON THE RICH I agree with this rich guy.

6 DUTCH PUNCH NO DANE, NO PAIN Damn you The Netherlands Denmark! And yes this happened last week but it’s on my list anyway, so there. It gives me an excuse to post the trailer from Exit Through The Gift Shop. Fairey’s got a lot of screen time in the movie although no one punches him in the face.