1  ENOUGH ALREADY?  Researchers in the U.K. say it’s time to think about decriminalizing narcotics.

2  UH OH Apparently, Canadian household debt is past the point that precipitated the U.S. housing bust. That’s not good.

3  HERE’S HOPING British doctors say that Malala Yousafzai has a good chance at recovery after being shot by two assholes who could probably use a little book-learnin’ themselves.

4  DEFINE IRONY There’s a recall of anti-bacterial hand soap because it’s already contaminated. Ick.

5  I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE SOMEONE DID THIS Felix Baumgartner recalls his descent from 24 miles above the earth as being “like hell”. What does something like that do to a person’s organs?

6  YOU’VE PROBABLY ALREADY BEEN ON GOOGLE A HUNDRED TIMES TODAY, BUT  Have you seen the Google doodle animation thingy that’s up there? You should really waste a minute or two playing with it because it’s pretty delightful. Of course, it’s meant to celebrate Winsor McCay who created the comic strip Little Nemo. For more animated delights to while away your afternoon (or late lunch break, like me?), here’s a little something featuring a remarkably graceful dinosaur named Gertie.