Six In The Morning: Men, Men, Men

1 OUR TROUBLED WORLD Gang rape in India, rape being used as a weapon of war in Syria, and Islamists  and bombs in Mali. Common denominator? Men, men, men. Sometimes I wonder if the world would be a better place if male babies were drowned at birth with a few kept for breeding stock. I’m really glad they’re not, obviously. Some of my best friends are men. But still, I do wonder.

2 LET BAD MOUNTIES HAVE THEIR FUN The Royal Canadian Mounted Police didn’t keep track of officers who’d driven drunk, committed assaults and perpetrated fraud. They do now.  Good job, CBC.

3 WE PASS LAWS THAT WILL CAUSE IRREPARABLE HARM TO THE CANADA’S WATERWAYS, RUN ROUGHSHOD OVER TREATY RIGHTS AND HAVE CONSISTENTLY SHOWN CONTEMPT FOR CANADA’S FIRST NATIONS, AND FOR SOME REASON THEY WON’T TALK TO US! Saskatchewan Conservative MP Rob Clarke cannot for the life of him figure out where Idle No More is coming from but he is pretty sure that there are “misconceptions out there.”

4 CUT! THE! ARTS! WOO! There are different schools of thought on the University of Saskatchewan’s budget deficit which is happening in the middle of Saskatchewan’s boom. How peculiar. It’s almost like the provincial government is waging a comprehensive war against anything that doesn’t involve welding, digging or shoveling.

5 RETURN OF THE FOUNTAIN The City Square plaza is finally getting a fountain. Maybe. Want more on the City budget? Here’s the L-P’s budget coverage is here and CJME’s is here. Dechene’s will be along presently-ish. I don’t want to give too much away but it sounds like there might be graphs. Shhh!

6 ANIMAL PARADE An obese kitty has been adopted while the IKEA monkey may have been beaten and strangled. I assume these allegations are credible and come from interviews with the monkey in question. Surely they’re not just wild smears to discredit the owner of an illegal, exotic animal.

I THINK WE’D ALL RATHER BE ON A F#@KING CRUISE SHIP Let’s hear it for succinct!

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

5 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Men, Men, Men”

  1. #1: Let’s hear it for the millions of men who don’t rape, bomb, etc.
    #5: Would that be the (possibly) refurbished Davin Fountain?

  2. Re: fountain: I’m pretty sure it’s not but I was thinking about that too. That would’ve been a good idea in a different, less post-apocalypse-influenced plaza design.

  3. Re: the fountain: Nope. Not Davin Fountain.

    I think we’ve written about this before but there was a fountain slated for the plaza back in the original design. It was supposed to be on the stage. So in the summer, the stage, when it wasn’t busy being a stage, would be an “interactive water feature.” Not sure how that’d work but the guys at Cohlmeyer Architecture assured me it was a pretty clever design.

    When management of the project shifted around and things were being taken out of the plaza plan for various reasons, the fountain was one of the things to go.

    Reason I was told was that because there were supposed to be cars driving on the plaza (this was before staff changed gears and decided they didn’t want cars there) having an enticing fountain in the middle of an intersection was a safety hazard.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that cutting costs and saving time were also factors in the decision to not build the fountain at that time.

    Thing is though that the city had already bought all the plumbing and electronics for the fountain and had it in storage. So they’ve always planned to install it but couldn’t decide where.

    I’ve checked in on the fountain every now and then and been told that it was still in limbo. I think the last time I brought it up was in the summer. So I was pretty surprised to hear that money was being allocated to it in the new budget.

    As for Davin Fountain, city council should be getting a recommendation end of this month (I think) saying they should refurbish the fountain and find a home for it. That just went through Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee if memory serves. So, we’ll probably see that go up but it might end up somewhere outside of downtown.

    Personally, I’d like to see it on that vacant lot on 15th and Albert that used to be a gas station. Because that’s an ugly empty lot.

  4. @3: I’ve been out of province for a bit, and am just now getting caught up with the newspaper. You have written about this before, and I recall the details, now that you mention them again. Thanks for the recap.

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