6-in-the-morning1 SHOCKINGLY, PAUL McCARTNEY PUTS ON A GREAT SHOW One of the great songwriters of the last few centuries is a hell of an entertainer. Who could have guessed?

2 THE WASTEWATER PLANT ROBOCALL CAMPAIGN¬†It cost $70,000.¬†The divide between Regina’s right-wing-leaning City Council and a huge chunk of Regina is expensive.

3 OH GOD, EGYPT U.S. President Barack Obama says “blah blah blah relations cannot continue as usual” that Egyptian security forces massacred peaceful demonstrators who supported the deposed Islamist government that quite stupidly re-wrote the constitution to be more Islam-ey. You can’t massacre peaceful demonstrators because it legitimizes violence as a political tactic.Abjectly horrifying and moderately gruesome photos of dead and wounded people here.

4 RUSSIA IS LOSING IT You should read this long piece titled “Eight Horrific and Uplifting Stories About Being Gay in the New Russia” in the New Republic, then reflect on the fact that neo-Nazis aren’t just enemies of gays and lesbians–they’re enemies of civilization. I’m afraid it’s time to move the Sochi Olympics.

5 OLD-TIMEY CATHOLIC REGANITE SUPPORTS RUSSIAN DISCRIMINATION AGAINST DAYS Pat Buchanan phrases it differently but that’s the gist of it.

6 THE BARKING LION A zoo in China’s Henan province has some funny-looking animals. (H/T to Friend Of The Dog Kyall).

HERE’S A WEIRD COMMERCIAL FOR HTC It stars Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Polito. Apparently HTC can stand for whatever you want it to stand for. Although maybe it shouldn’t.