Six In The Morning: Markets, Riots, Brazil, Polls And Furries Vs. The NHL

More like 11 in the morning. I really need to learn to become a morning person some day. But for now, onward!

1 TSE SPLAT-O-RAMA The Toronto stock market trips, falls and bloodies its nose thanks to the clusterfuckery of U.S. politics combined with the brainless  shenanigans of ratings agencies. Hey let’s blame Obama, he’s black.

2 RIOTING CATCHES ON AS A FUN THING TO DO They’re still running amok in London. Wait, what was it that Conway was saying about youth riots recently? Could our crazy old left-wing radical actually be on to something?

3 SAUDI ARABIA CONDEMNS SYRIA Oh, now that’s just rich coming from the magic kingdom of behead-o-land, where men are men and women aren’t allowed to drive. (Not that Syria doesn’t invite condemnation, mind you.)

4 FEARLESS LEADER MAKES PACTS WITH BRAZIL All for the benefit of corporate Canada ordinary Canadians, no doubt.

5 CONSERVATIVES DOWN, NDP DOWN, LIBERALS UP That’s what new polls say. Kinda too late since we (by which I mean other people) elected the most potentially destructive PM of my lifetime to a majority. Too bad about the NDP though. A lot of Canadians really dislike those alleged separatists.

6 UNUSUAL FURRY ACTIVITY SUGGESTS PITTSBURGH WILL PROBABLY HOST THE 2012 NHL ENTRY DRAFT Story here. This is interesting because it means  Pittsburgh hosts an annual furry convention. Who knew?

Oh come on. I have to tell you what a “furry” is? Fine.

Disappointment alert: that last video has one measly Klingon. Boo.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

14 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Markets, Riots, Brazil, Polls And Furries Vs. The NHL”

  1. Gotta be a dummy to believe the Liberals are/were finished. I don’t even know how people who say that stupid shit remain non-homeless. They shouldn’t have homes, literally. There are waaay smarter people living on the street.

  2. Poll means very little and was very not needed.Given a few years away from their scandels Liberals may gain some support. NDP support will depend on the health of Layton. As a PC , not losing any sleep over the results.

  3. I ask with a minimum of snark, Brian, but why do you identify yourself as a supporter (possibly member) of a party that hasn’t existed for nearly a decade?

  4. Two snaps and a swirl at John Conway.

    I hope he falls of his soapbox one day. Then maybe I’d pay attention…. to his green alien blood.

    Easy to talk shit behind a 200+ grand a year salary and an army of hot T.A’s.

  5. 200 grand a year? In the humanities? In Saskatchewan? Pretty doubtful, Seanbot.

    Keep on building those strawmen, though. Everybody should have a hobby.

  6. I think what you’re seeing there, Stephen, is Seanbot demonstrating his “edgy comedy” program. Unfortunately, his funny circuit seems to be misfiring.

    What can you expect? I hear the 3000 model Seanbots all had TRS-80 motherboards.

  7. I like snooty, flippant name-calling too Seanbot, but whether it’s you doing it or me, sometimes it’s nice to put the snark away and discuss something substantively. Sadly, I never receive substantive criticisms of John Conway’s writing. All the negative feedback I get on his stuff is flimflam varying in degrees of how entertaining it is.

    Fact is, John’s a smart, hard-working guy who knows his stuff and calls it like he sees it. He’s also a good, kind man, which probably doesn’t come across in his column.

    No one is right about everything all the time and John isn’t either. We’ll have to settle for 95 per cent. But I’m very proud to publish John Conway, and honoured to know him.

  8. It’s probably the Nyquil talking, but Conway has never experienced the terror of being the victim of a riot, and probably never will.

    These “disenfranchised youth” are flash robbing fancy stores to get “kitted out.” This is not political activism, it’s violent self-indulgence.

    If they feel so downtrodden in England, maybe they should go back to their home countries. It was probably so much better there with a fancy pool in every backyard and an Audi Q5 in every garage. To think they traded all that for bangers and mash, warm beer, and Kate/Will collector plates. Prairie Dog, Please!

    And, Conway, Prairie Hippies, any other hipsters should know better than to enable this kind of behavior.

    Watching and then reading about this shitfest, while sick in bed, makes me embarrassed to be a human being.

    *raises nyquil cup and goes back for a snooze*

  9. Seanbot: thanks for the comment. I’m not a fan of thugs either. What John brings to the discussion is some explanation of the economic and social forces that shape human behaviour, like looting (to be fair, John’s article was about Vancouver; I’m the one who impulsively linked to it). John encourages us to reflect on how the crime and violence in a street riot compares to the crime and violence committed by government or business like — and this is my cartoonishly obvious example, not John’s — the arms dealers who sell weapons to dictators who use them against citizens would be an obvious example.

    Anyway, such an understanding can help us build a society with less stupidity and evil. It doesn’t mean anyone’s pleased with rioters.

    May the Nyquil be with you, sir!

  10. Stephen, #5: uncalled for.
    Sean, #4: perhaps it IS the Nyquil talking; if so, it should perhaps hold its peace until you are well.
    I was John Conway’s colleague on the Regina Public School Board for 9 years. There wasn’t a lot we agreed on, but we did give each other the benefit of a fair hearing, and I think our debates improved our performances as elected public servants. His corporate memory and his expertise in labour arbitration were, in my opinion, invaluable. That said, I disagree with his take on just about everything he comments on in his PD column, but if the shoe was on the other foot, he’d likely disagree with me too.
    I don’t think one’s annual salary, large (pay attention, PD) or small, disqualifies one from commenting on issues of the day; neither do I think that being a professor makes one right. Philippe Rushton, anyone?

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