1 BEST OF REGINA IS HERE! Have you registered to vote yet? Have you perused the categories? Have you begun your research? No pressure!

2 GUY LONECHILD ACCEPTS A BUYOUT TO STEP DOWN AS FSIN BOSS Jeez, what a mess. It was terrible that Guy Lonechild drove after drinking, it was terrible that he hid this from voters, it was terrible that the FSIN pulled a coup to get rid of him and it’s terrible that Lonechild accepted what’s essentially a bribe to go away. ¬†Everyone involved should leave politics. Time for new people. Oh, and now the Saskatchewan government is reviewing FSIN funding. Great work, FSIN! At least you guys are making John Gormley look good.

3 AN INDEPENDENT REVIEW OF THE VANCOUVER RIOT IS INTERESTING The CBC has stories here and here, and the full report itself, The Night The City Became A Stadium: Independent Review Of The Vancouver Stanley Cup Playoffs Riot, is here.

4 TURKEY BOOTS THE ISRAELI AMBASSADOR Would it have been so difficult to apologize for murdering activists?

5 THE U.S. ECONOMY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN REDUCING SMOG Or so the thinking goes. Another failure by a failing country, yay.

6 GADHAFI SAYS SOMETHING IRRELEVANT He wants Libya to be engulfed in flames, and something about foreigners being bad. Dictators. They’re so cute when they’re finished.

FRIDAY BURNING QUESTION: IS BIGFOOT REAL? Some guy says so. Unfortunately he is almost certainly full of poop. I’d love it if there were bigfeets out there. But there’d be hard evidence by now. Same with Loch Ness monsters and dinosaurs in the Congo and ghosts. Sorry. I don’t like the truth either. Maybe there’s some more giant, cool, weird stuff at the bottom of the sea to look forward to. have some videos.

The Six Million Dollar Man Bigfoot part 5 by tvwizard1000