Six In The Morning: Loki’s Thor Spot

6-in-the-morning1. A GOOD IDEA TO HELP END SOME CHRONIC HOMELESSNESS IS MAKING THE ROUNDS AGAIN It’s called Housing First and you should read about it.

2. POTASH PROFITS PLUNGE Down 45 per cent. Yup, resource-based economies are volatile.

3. VETERANS VEXED AT HARPER’S HUBRIS Saskatoon veterans are mad that the government is closing Saskatoon’s Veterans Affairs office. They should be.

4. AN L-P EDITORIAL WELCOMES OUR NEW STADIUM OVERLORDS  Read it and have opinions/feelings.

5. FORBIDDEN WORDS ARE FORBIDDEN University of Saskatchewan men’s hockey coach Dave Adolph will be suspended for two games for using an unmentioned-in-the-article-but-easily-guessed bad, homophobic word in an e-mail to his team. He gave a really good apology and there’s no indication he wanted to incite hatred so let’s move on.

6. SCARLETT JOHANSSON QUITS OXFAM; ROB FORD AND JUSTIN BIEBER CONTINUE TO BE SORT OF NEWSWORTHY, I GUESS Apparently Johansson’s  not happy about being called out for working with companies with factories on stolen land. More here. Meanwhile, Ford is being sued and Bieber was charged with assault and Ford is sticking up for Bieber and Toronto had Bieber Fever and I hope both of them get their lives under control and go away*.

LOKI’S NOT THOR AT ALL Before he was Marvel’s best villain, beloved actor Tom Hiddleston auditioned for the role of the Thunder God. Bonus video: Hiddleston’s Superbowl commercial for Jaguar. Fun!

*Okay, Rob Ford can stay. He fascinates me.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

15 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Loki’s Thor Spot”

  1. The L-P commentors a generally miffed more about the financing,than the actual coliseum.

    When all this Stadia-hoopla ,started 6? years ago.
    Taylor could have been completely renovated by now.;probabaly for about $175m

  2. A couple of comments on the L-P editorial:

    1) About being “ashamed of who is in control of our city”: No one (outside of He-Who-Shan’t-Be-Named) is seriously doubting the democratic legitimacy of our council. A citizen’s role in democracy doesn’t begin and end at voting, however. It’s completely valid to feel shame about our elected representatives (as Torontonians are no doubt aware). I’ll double down and say I’m ashamed of my fellow voters as well — though not nearly as ashamed as I am of those who didn’t vote.

    2) About “the stadium project [having] nothing to do with healthcare”: As I’ve often pointed out, money is fungible; It’s generally a fallacy to link a specific inflow or outflow to another. The provincial coffers are like a bucket being filled by some hoses and drained by some holes in the bottom. It’s silly to talk about an individual hole draining water from a specific hose. However, if you drill a new hole ($80M grant), you need to either increase the flow of the hoses (revenue, debt), plug up some holes (program cutbacks), or lose contents from the bucket (savings). The stadium hole hasn’t made the healthcare hole any bigger, but if we didn’t drill it, we could have made the healthcare hole bigger.

    3) Regarding “meeting the challenges of infrastructure repair”: See the above about buckets; “We need a bigger hose. It’s not the stadium hole’s fault, though, it’s that other one.”

    4) Regarding “almost entirely financed by facility fees”: The key word here is almost. $94M is almost $100M. $6M is still a bunch of money. And, as far as I know, the “almost” figure is predicated on substantial attendance at a significant number of non-CFL events. Good luck with that.

    5) Regarding the Riders’ $25M: That was not a contribution, it was a purchase. The Riders bought the naming rights to the stadium. I expect the Riders will make a damn good return on that $25M. I love the Riders, but does the most profitable team in the CFL really need what’ll likely end up an effective donation from the CoR (on top of a pretty new stadium to play in)?

    6) Regarding “the payoff immense”: [citation needed] I’ve yet to find a serious economist suggest that publicly-funded stadiums provide their value in economic impact. There are however many who doubt it. And lest you think it’s just left-wing nutjobs, have a link from The Economist: I’m sure it’ll make our collective dick look huge, though.

    7) Regarding P3: I’m not nearly as sceptical of the stadium model of P3 funding as I was the wastewater plant. However, the empirical evidence remains that even in this model of P3 the transfer of risk has tended to be vastly overrated. The difference between a design flaw and an unclear/insufficient specification often comes down to the ingenuity of your employees and the strength of your lawyers.

    8) Regarding the “$1-billion revitalization effort”: I’ve almost run out of rage before I even got to the most bullshitty bullshit that always gets brought up by stadium proponents. There is no reason why the revitalization efforts should be linked to the stadium. The stadium is not being built at the CP Rail yards. That revitalization could occur completely independently from any stadium discussion. Sure, the location of the current Mosaic Stadium is marginally better positioned for residential development than the new stadium site. On the other hand, a refurbishment of Mosaic would have allowed the ground to break on new development west of Dewdney this fucking year, instead of waiting for the move and subsequent tear-down. The only impact the stadium has had on the development plan is to delay it.

    9) I can’t bring myself to read the rest of the L-P, but I see no mention of the approximately $15M increase in carrying costs anywhere on the front page or in this tragically shit editorial.

  3. Well said, Brad. As I said on twitter, people pointing to the $12 surcharge as *the* answer, are the same ones bitching about Cornwall Parking’s new price point. According to a co-worker, the place is largely empty now. Empty seats, even at Rider games, are a very real possibility.

  4. Hey Mark ; Great post!

    1) I agree , if you don’t vote, don’t complain.

    2/3 ) right!

    4) any “bums in the seats” projections?

    5) was there even an open bid process with that? His gormes may have given $26M

    8/9) exactly!

  5. For anyone that had the unfortunate realization that the Leader Post either doesn’t know what’s truly going on with the Stadium, or they were provided with a paid endorsement by the City of Regina | Municipal Government, Saskatchewan Construction Association, or some other vested interest, I invite you to please call the Leader Post newsroom and let them hear your displeasure with this horribly one-sided piece of garbage I’ve ever read from the Leader Post. I personally called them up, had a great 10 minute convo with one of the parties responsible, and I think some of the main points I brought across to him were truly heard. Whether they’ll follow up with a retraction or a properly-researched artcile/editorial/advertisement is yet to be seen.

    For anyone that wants to know the full story on this situation, and find out what was so scary that the City didn’t want the public to hear, I hereby cordially invite you to my LIVE VIDEO BLOG this Saturday at 1pm. Speaking about misinformation, you won’t get any of that here. Only the cold, hard facts. Whether it pleases the Mayor or not, it will be a no holds barred, tell it like it truly is – no fear for the dictatorship that is the City of Regina.

    TUNE IN at!!

  6. If there’s ever a “Best of” award for blog commenters, I will nominate Brad. Who’s with me?

  7. Have to agree with you on this one, Barb. Brad’s post was spot on in so many ways — he’s certainly one of those in competition for “Best of” when it comes to blog commentators. But, then again, I think there are some other fine examples of such folks on the Dog Blog, even many of those whose opinions differ from mine.

    I must echo one of Brad’s points that never ceases to infuriate me — being ashamed of (and, frankly, angry at) all those people who didn’t/don’t bother to vote. It’s especially irksome to me when I listen to people bitching and complaining at my workplace or in my social circles and I know some of them couldn’t be bothered to vote. That has happened a lot lately when it comes to civic matters, particularly when the stadium issue rears its ugly head. Apathy amongst the electorate is what has gotten us into the pickle we’re in on many fronts — municipally, provincially and federally. You get what you vote for — and when you don’t vote, I guess you get what you deserve. So, although I don’t agree with many of the decisions being made at City Hall, I give them kudos for getting themselves elected and then governing. Wish they’d listen to city residents a little more in between elections but if the only time they’ll really listen is at the ballot box, then let them hear it loud and clear — VOTE PEOPLE, please, just vote.

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