6-in-the-morning1. A GOOD IDEA TO HELP END SOME CHRONIC HOMELESSNESS IS MAKING THE ROUNDS AGAIN It’s called Housing First and you should read about it.

2. POTASH PROFITS PLUNGE Down 45 per cent. Yup, resource-based economies are volatile.

3. VETERANS VEXED AT HARPER’S HUBRIS Saskatoon veterans are mad that the government is closing Saskatoon’s Veterans Affairs office. They should be.

4. AN L-P EDITORIAL WELCOMES OUR NEW STADIUM OVERLORDS  Read it and have opinions/feelings.

5. FORBIDDEN WORDS ARE FORBIDDEN University of Saskatchewan men’s hockey coach Dave Adolph will be suspended for two games for using an unmentioned-in-the-article-but-easily-guessed bad, homophobic word in an e-mail to his team. He gave a really good apology and there’s no indication he wanted to incite hatred so let’s move on.

6. SCARLETT JOHANSSON QUITS OXFAM; ROB FORD AND JUSTIN BIEBER CONTINUE TO BE SORT OF NEWSWORTHY, I GUESS Apparently Johansson’s  not happy about being called out for working with companies with factories on stolen land. More here. Meanwhile, Ford is being sued and Bieber was charged with assault and Ford is sticking up for Bieber and Toronto had Bieber Fever and I hope both of them get their lives under control and go away*.

LOKI’S NOT THOR AT ALL Before he was Marvel’s best villain, beloved actor Tom Hiddleston auditioned for the role of the Thunder God. Bonus video: Hiddleston’s Superbowl commercial for Jaguar. Fun!


*Okay, Rob Ford can stay. He fascinates me.