Six In The Morning: Limbaugh’s An Ass, Mammoths And A Superhero

1 SPILL CLEANUP BREAKING BP: Coping with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is costing BP over $6 million a day and that figure is expected to go up. Paul Krugman hopes this will shock people into taking environmentalism seriously again. Meanwhile, the original talk-radio nutjob, Rush Limbaugh, suggests the oil spill was caused by environmentalists. (Guardian, Media Matters)

2 QUICKIE COLLEGES COSTING COUNTRY: Turns out all those privately-run career colleges graduate a disproportionate number of students who can’t pay off their massive student loans. And guess who gets left on the hook for all that. Why, the rest of the country. Now, personally, I don’t have anything against any of these students who’ve run up crushing debt loads in getting their diplomas. But I do find it worth noting that this suggests when you trust private companies to handle education they’ll overcharge you and not prepare you for life after education. Worth keeping that in mind. (Globe and Mail)

3 AWWWW… IS DA WIDDLE HOT WODDER GONNA CRY? Loud, obnoxious vehicle enthusiasts are objecting to Mayor Fiacco’s attempt to ban after-market parts that make their vehicles louder. Let me get this straight. You go out of your way to make your hogs and hot rods louder and you’re surprised to find that your neighbours object? I don’t know which I find more annoying — the sound of a Harley thundering by my house first thing in the morning or the sound of a Harley owner whining. Or the sound of the Elmo Cell Phone my daughter is playing with behind my head right now. You know what? They’re all about the same. (Leader Post)

4 FNUNIV MAKES DRASTIC CUTS: FNUniv president, Shauneen Pete, has announced that the Saskatoon campus of FNUniv will be closed, its property sold off and much of its staff laid off. (Leader Post)

5 SCIENTISTS CREATE MAMMOTH PROTEIN: A team of researchers led by the University of Manitoba’s Kevin Campbell have created a blood protein using hemoglobin taken from preserved mammoth bones. Cool. Now, can we clone us some wooly mammoths? I want a wooly mammoth! (CBC)

6 ELECTRON BOY SAVES SEATTLE: A 13-year-old superhero rescued the Seattle Sounders football club thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. (Neatorama)

Author: Paul Dechene

Paul Dechene is 5'10'' tall and he was born in a place. He's not there now. He's sitting in front of his computer writing his bio for this blog. He has a song stuck in his head. It's "Girl From Ipanema", thanks for asking. You can follow Paul on Twitter at @pauldechene and get live updates during city council meetings and other city events at @PDcityhall.

8 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Limbaugh’s An Ass, Mammoths And A Superhero”

  1. Re #3

    Elmo Cell Phone is just EVIL. Lose the batteries or better yet the phone ASAP. I still twitch when I think about that thing going off over and over again.

    Hint to all people that buy gifts for kids. Don’t buy it if it makes noise. The parents will love you for blocks or books.

  2. Have hit limits of grammar tolerance: “it’s” is a contraction (for “it is”) and “its” is possessive.

  3. Thanks for the clarification Barb – I am a product of whole language and get confused by that all the time

  4. Barb: Consider it fixed. Thanks for the hawkeyed editing. “It’s” for “its” bugs me too.

    TS: We’re visiting my parents so the elmo cell phone is from out of the grandparent’s toy trunk. We’ve a nothing-battery-powered policy in our house. I think that makes the noisy toys that much more irritating when I encounter them.

  5. Some of the noisy-toy gifting may be generational revenge. Never perpetrated it myself, but I’ve seen folks who have.

  6. With my folks, I don’t think it’s “generational revenge.” I suspect it has more to do with their hearing having deteriorated so much they genuinely can’t hear the pitches these things tend to emit.

    Why is it that so many of the electronic toys meant for children are so loud and shrill? It can’t be good for their hearing. Can’t be helping their tranquility any, either.

  7. Didn’t mean to diss your folks, Paul. Sometimes grandparents feel out of the loop when it comes to kids’ toys and books; they’re not quite sure what would appeal to little ones nowadays, and so sometimes they go for the flashy and noisy. One thing my husband and I do is have the parents rotate some toys and books from their place to ours, saving them the storage space and us money. It also doesn’t hurt to be frank with relatives about toys you’d rather your kids didn’t have; the sooner you establish that policy, the less friction there’ll be in future. If they’re online, refer them to the annual reviews of toys put out by agencies which test toys for safety and amusement levels. I think most grandparents would be relieved to have guidelines.
    On some battery-operated toys, there are controls for the decibel level, but for the rest, the compromise would be to limit the time spent playing with a particular toy…if you’re not in a position to forbid it entirely.

  8. No worries, Barb. I didn’t think you were. I honestly think that for my parents, the kids toys they have sound muffled or far away. (I mean, they have them around their house, not ours.) Otherwise, I wouldn’t put generational revenge past them.

    As for the decibel level, as annoying as the loudness is, that isn’t even what bothers me the most. It’s what the toymakers do to music that I think is really criminal. We can build iPods smaller than my thumb, but when it comes to musical toys, the only tones they can emit are high-pitched, distorted and mechanical sounding. There’s never anything that resembles the sound of a real instrument. This, I’ve found, is even true of the higher-end, educational toys.

    Toys like that aren’t going to foster any kid’s interest in music. Make them fear it, more likely.

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