Six In The Morning: Like A Hog In Crisps Edition

1. DRIVE. DRIVE NOW. Because gas prices in Regina are falling, falling, falling to … $1.24 per litre? My god, you’d think we had to haul this stuff out of the ground or something.

2. THAT’LL LEARN ‘EM. THAT’LL LEARN ‘EM ALL THE WAY BACK TO NIGERIA. For too long we homeland-born Canadians have suffered the brunt of foreign students coming to the U of R and working for two weeks at Wal-mart. Think of all the hickory sticks we could be stuffing our faces with those wages! Think of all the interest payments we could me making on that HDTV we got from Visions last year! My home entertainment enjoyment is being eroded by those two Nigerian scofflaws. Fortunately, Federal Public Safety Minister Vic Toews has my back on this one. He won’t overturn the deportation decision levied earlier this year against the two women.

3. AND THAT’S HOW YOU CHANGE THE SASK PARTY’S MIND. As part of a Canada-wide protest, Ghosts of the Arts drew 35-40 people to the Legislative Building on Tuesday night. “Some people dressed up in sheets and said nothing at all after dark? Let’s triple arts funding!” Premier Brad Wall definitely did not say.

4. PUSSY RIOT 2: THE PUSSINATION. Polish heavy metal singer Adam Darski could face up to two years in a prison for ripping up a Bible on stage in 2007. The crime? “Offending Catholic sensibilities.”

5. EXXON MOBIL: MAKING LESS, EARNING MORE. Even though Exxon Mobil’s production declined by 7.5 per cent in the most recent quarter, its profits have “topped expectations.” Good for you, you plucky underdog.

6. MEANWHILE IN THE UK. A hedgehog got trapped in an empty bag of chips and a three and a half hour rescue effort ensued.

Author: Aidan Morgan

Aidan is a very serious man who's saving up for a nice dignified pipe. Then we'll see who's laughing.

29 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Like A Hog In Crisps Edition”

  1. #4: now if he’d been in Pakistan and ripped up a copy of the Qu’ran, what would he face?

  2. From now on, I will affix the line “But Muslim intolerance is worse” to absolutely everything I write. Even my comments! But Muslim intolerance is worse.

  3. On a more serious note, I posted the news item because state-sanctioned religious intolerance is more intriguing to me in democratic nations than theocratic states and dictatorships. Harsh treatment for ripping up the Qu’ran in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia or Iran is an unjust but not unsurprising result. I was surprised, however, to see a similar impulse at work in Poland. When state, religion and the law intersect, the results are usually dismal.

  4. The issue is not intolerance (the full definition of which you should really check out) but respect, civil behaviour, and reasonable limits on freedoms.

  5. Wow, that sounds like the seeds of Fascism. If a local performer ripped apart a Sasktel phone book on stage, would that behaviour be exceeded reasonable limits on freedom?

    Now, if you’d compared ripping up a Bible in Poland to burning books in Berlin, you may have had something…

  6. You think they fund the arts in Islamistan?
    You don’t like the housing market here? Try renting OSAMBABINLADENopolis!

  7. As usual, Talbot, you react before you think. Your first comparison is ridiculous; your second is off the mark. The Nazis did not consider their bookburning to be artistic expression or freedom of speech, as apparently Mr. Darski did and does. Mr. Darski has also claimed a certain degree of insider privilege, as he and his fellow band members were raised Catholic – a little bit like African-Americans licensing themselves to use the n-word. When it comes to respect for self and others, there should be no double standard.

  8. Further to this, I did look up Muslim Intolerance. It was produced and directed by Din Walleed Griffathi.

  9. Barb, the fact that you mistake my joyous mocking of your absurd logic for anger explains so much about your posts lately.

  10. @10: No, I’m just saying, if we’re being black and white, and we want to defend Darski’s destruction of a book, then we must also have to defend the Nazi’s “right” to destroy books; or, par contre, if we condemn Nazi book-burning then we should probably also condemn this guy, albeit on grossly different levels and with grossly incommensurable intentions, mind you, but like I said: if we’re being back and white. I guess a book is a book to some people, and book shouldn’t be destroyed.

  11. …destruction of books being all symbolic-like, and whatnot. Although in no way should this guy go to jail. Crime, if there was one, would be destroying knowledge, or private property, not “offending Catholic sensibilities”. Catholicism has offended sensibilities for years, they haven’t gone to jail for it.

  12. @16: Just going by your past threats and meltdowns, Emmet. If you want absurd logic, just look up your own archive.
    @17 & 19: I keep hoping against hope that you’ll make sense.

  13. Barb, I’m only going to say this once: Fuck you.
    You are rude, arrogant, and display poor critical reading skills. I have never threatened you, I have never melted down, I have never attacked you personally (until now) the way you consistently attack others. You have sucked the joy out of this forum for me–and probably others–with your unpleasantness.
    You can’t defend your own shitty, reactionary points and then you sling insults when someone challenges them. You, ma’am, are the worst.

  14. Emmet – I have to agree with you with respect to Barb. She needs to get a life. Sick of her opinion on everything, so arrogant and superior, a real know it all. (Waiting for my spelling, grammar, opinion etc. to be scorned) Ackkkk.

  15. I have been here since the start, Emmet, and you used to go full Turrets on anyone who didn’t agree with your reasoning. Remember how you were trying to get some of the commenters to drop their nicknames and reveal their real names- probably so you could go over to their house and drag them into the streets by their pubic hairs?

  16. If “full Turrets” means that I expect people to be accountable for and able to defend their arguments, then whatever, buddy, you can be the reason I quit too.

  17. @21: see what I mean about anger management? Everything you have just said applies to yourself; go back through the dogblog archives and you’ll see. By no means have I been the only target, as such a search will show, and this will not be the last time you say “Fuck you” to me, by any means. I’m so sad that you lack proper discussion skills, not to mention vocabulary.

    @22: Simpleton, I’m sorry that you can’t tell the difference between disagreement and scorn, and also that you are only comfortable when people have the same opinion. What a dull life that makes.

  18. O brother.
    Barb you do kinda suck even though sucking here is ok because in the big picture it matters so little.

    Go whitecaps!

  19. Stay classy dogblog. If Barb didn’t participate with her dispassionate and reasonable comments, I’m pretty sure this comment section would be moribund. I haven’t seen a single coherent & legitimate rebuttal to any of her points, and I don’t imagine anyone will offer one in the near future.

  20. The site needs more Barbs and Talbots. And I agree, if not for a few people consistently commenting this section would be even more pointless. And it does seem bush league for actual writers (former?) to be that overly critical of posters. Slay the customer, that’ll learn em.

  21. #2
    If a billion dollar, multinational operation like Wal-Mart can’t figure out the rules for hiring workers, why are the Canada Border Services Agency, and Ministers Kenney and Toews, pursuing the extreme penalty of deportation in the case of the two University of Regina foreign students who mistakenly worked at Wal-Mart for a few days.

    Let’s show a little compassion and clemency for Victoria Ordu and Ihuoma Amadi and permit them to finish their last year of studies.

    Moreover, maybe it’s time @walmart takes at least some of the responsibility and comes to the aid of the two students facing deportation for working there…

    Marc Spooner

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