Well, it was morning when I started this. Anyway…

1 FORMER CHILD SOLDIER DETAINED IN U.S. CONCENTRATION CAMP FOR EIGHT YEARS BASICALLY HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO PLEAD GUILTY TO WAR CRIMES CHARGES Why bother even pretending there’s anything legitimate about the Omar Khadr trial? The Canadian, who’s been abandoned by this country’s pro-military, pro-war Conservative government, was wounded and captured when he was 15. He’s been in a sketchy U.S. prison facility for almost a decade, and until today, he always denied throwing the grenade that (yes, tragically) killed an American medic. His lawyer says “There’s not much choice. He either pleads guilty to avoid trial, or he goes to trial and the trial is an unfair process.” Completely ridiculous.

2 POTASH PUSH Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall is slightly feisty, with tough-ish talk against BHP Billinton’s hostile Potash Corp takeover bid.

3 SAFE INJECTION SITE PITCHED FOR ST. ALBERT A couple of nursing students will speak to Prince Albert city council tonight to make the case for a Vancouver-style supervised injection site. The pair say it would get needles off the streets and give addicts better access to health professionals.

4 FROM COAL TO SOLAR No, we’re not talking about Saskatchewan. The country that’s investing heavily in new energy technology is coal-dependent South Africa. I suppose we can always buy solar plants from them. Since we’re obviously not interested in being technological leaders here in Canada. Story’s here.

5 ELECTION DAY IN TORONTO Unlike Calgarians, Toronto voters don’t have a cool guy to vote for in today’s civic election, because the cool guy got smacked down early on after he got busted for cheating on his girlfriend. They do, however, have an arrogant, ignorant, mean-spirited jackass who’s been doing fairly well in the polls and who would cause massive amounts of destruction if he gets elected. Will Toronto go douchey? We’ll find out tonight.

6 GLOBAL FOOD CRISIS LOOMS Prices are up, supply is down, trouble is brewing. And yes, it’s lame to link to the Guardian over and over and over, but they’ve got the important stories.