Six In The Morning: Just Skimmed It

1 THE U.S. TAUGHT MILITARY OFFICERS THAT ISLAM IS AN ENEMY RELIGION AND MECCA MIGHT HAVE TO BE NUKED This kind of nonsense is not helpful. I can’t comment beyond that because I didn’t have time to read this article — I just skimmed it.

2 MORE JOBS FOR CANADA YAYYY Our country added 58,200 jobs in April, which is probably good news since Stephen Harper laid half our government off this spring and there’s a lot of people looking for work. Then again, I don’t know if these are real jobs that pay people enough to live on or crummy low-wage gigs with no security and minimal benefits because I didn’t read the piece,I just skimmed it.

3 A RIOT IS NOT HALLOWEEN, YOU GUYS The Conservatives want to send mask-wearing rioters to jail for up to 10 years. I imagine countries like Egypt that’ve had issues with protestors are closely studying this idea but I don’t actually know because I didn’t read this story — I just skimmed it.

4 HE’S REALLY SORRY The U.S. Vice-President apologized to President Barack Obama for forcing his hand on the only-controversial-to-assholes issue of same-sex marriage. I don’t know if Joe Biden also apologized to Obama for the piles of money raised for Obama’s re-election campaign since Wednesday because I did not read this article; I just skimmed it.

5 HE’S KINDA SORRY? Hockey Night in Canada’s Ron MacLean clarifies remarks he made apparently comparing hockey players to dead 9-11 firefighters. I dunno exactly, I didn’t watch the whole video. I just skimmed the first 30 seconds. Also, it is HILARIOUS to see Don Cherry, a repeat trouble-mouth, stand quietly beside someone else who’s in hot water for saying something controversial for a change.

6 THESE CONSERVATIVES AREN’T BLOWHARDS A “network of ultra-conservative groups” is scheming to derail solar and wind power. I don’t know if the term “conservative” is quite the right word for these deranged extremists but then again I didn’t read this whole article, I just skimmed it.

BONUS: HEY, DAKOTA’S IN THE LEADER-POST! Regina-born cartoonist Dakota McFadzean is interviewed in today’s Leader-Post. Dakota, who used to write a comic for the L-P, will be familiar to prairie dog readers for his illustration work, particularly on covers, and for his comic (which runs every issue). I’m sure that essential fact is mentioned in the Leader-Post interview but I don’t know for sure because I haven’t had time to read this interview yet — I just skimmed it.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

11 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Just Skimmed It”

  1. People who disrupt passengers on transit with smoke bombs, burn police cars and wreck other peoples property. GOD DAM deserve it. What if it was your car or business,WUZZ!

  2. I need to consult a sociologist/psychologist who can list the normal cycle of anger, resentment, hostility, and how it eventually mellows into acceptance and forgiveness, because I need words to describe this psychotic, Tea Party element of self-described “conservatives” who seem to get caught in the resentment and hostility phase and dwell in their anger.

  3. Gosh, whatever happened to “people have a right to their feelings”?

  4. I like it before, when it was “people have a right to their feelings,” not, “my feelings should become your rights”.

  5. Good sentiment, Talbot; now, just apply it equitably to right and left.

  6. Admittedly, the liberal-left most-often gets its way on social policy, but that’s because the majority Canadian mentality and character is naturally liberal-left-tolerance-leaning. Liberal-left feelings tend to be inclusive-seeking, while rightwing feelings seek, it seems, to exclude or subordinate to a singular higher power.

  7. Left-liberals are not as pure or as well-behaved as you paint them, Talbot, and I think you know that.

  8. No, but I resist falling into the cult-of-personality trap that both right and liberal-left often stumble into. I try to approach it from a historical, collective, silent majority sort of way. “On the whole…” the example set by the silent, anonymous players on the naturally-leaning liberal-left provide a way better examples for behaviour as well as goals that anyone on the right, or than any one “personality” on the liberal-left.

  9. 10 cents a word? Ha! Trying to be careful here and all, but no, I don’t just out-and-out blame rightwingers for everything and dismiss them as “stupid” while glorifying the liberal-left, its personalities, and ideals. Especially… (these days).

    I imagine that as a boomer or older, for those actually paying enough attention, they gotta be wondering just what the f*ck happened. Most political/social dialogue today probably sounds to them like humanity starting over, and truly, I believe that this “extreme polarization” does indeed only happen on the right.

    The liberal-left movement, these days, just sort of ‘happens’, like I say, grace à the natural Canadian tendency in this direction. The rightwing works much, much harder to make their sh*t happen, I’ll give them that. They invest, they create think tanks, they build media outlets, purely just to counter the natural Canadian drift leftwards. Until they completely repopulate Canada, they will never win.

    On the other hand, so many who fall into the liberal-left paradigm REFUSE, these days, to acknowledge that… so many PRETENDING that there’s some equally vicious and underhanded right minority and left minority who’ve simply TRAPPED all these good and fair-minded non-partisans in the CENTRE, not wanting to appear “polarizing” by dint of sharing the values the vast majority of your countrypeople share… Nuh-uh. You are only “trapped” on one side. Recognize, just how Stephen Harper has managed to make a go of his radical-right agenda in a naturally left-leaning country.

  10. Dog blog: the only website on earth where commentators joke about being paid. Isn’t our affection and appreciation enough for you, Talbot?

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