1. BACKSLIDING INTO ANOTHER GLOBAL RECESSION? Why, what would give you that idea?

2. THANKS FOR NOTHING The Federal Government is short-changing Toronto after effectively laying waste to its downtown during the G20 last year.

3. HERE’S THE NEW BOSS, NOT THE SAME AS THE OLD BOSS Qatar’s government has replaced the director-general of Al Jazeera with a member of its royal family.

4. OBAMA APPROVES He thinks Libya’s transitional leader is a-okay. For now.

5. NAZCA-ESQUE STRUCTURES FOUND IN ARABIA Google Earth found them, and they’re pretty amazing, so you should definitely have a look.

6. AND ANOTHER UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENON A Regina woman living in the South end woke to find a hay bale on her front lawn! There’s no explanation! Be sure to click through the photos for different vantage points on the bale. Har har!