Six In The Morning: Jobs, Sask NDP, Greece, Altona Sucks, Going Platinum

1 FLUUUSHHHH The Canadian economy lost 2,800 jobs in February. Hopefully the upcoming federal budget will lay off thousands of civil servants to save the economy and create more jobs. What? Come on. It totally makes sense you guys. Don’t argue with economics.

2 REACH FOR THE TOP The Star-Phoenix’s Joe Couture has a preliminary rundown of Saskatchewan NDP politicians who are considering a run for the party’s leadership.

3 WE’RE NOT ANTI-GAY BIGOTS, OH WAIT, MAYBE WE ARE School officials in the apparently redneck-filled town of Altona, Manitoba (population 3,709) say that “small, rainbow-coloured signs” in grade four to six classrooms are too much for the poor delicate children, and must be removed. You know what else is probably too much for kids? Being gay, lesbian or transgendered and stuck in a troglodyte-filled ditch like Altona.

4 VIKILEAKS GUY TO TESTIFY  Adam Carroll, the former Liberal staffer who resigned after admitting he was behind the @Vikileaks30 Twitter feed, will testify before the Commons ethics committee. Prairie dog’s Paul Dechene would prefer Carroll not apologize.

5 GREECE-ING THE WHEELS Greece swings the biggest government debt restructuring EVAR.

6 CONSERVATIVES ONLY WANT SOCIAL PROGRAMS WHEN THINGS GO WRONG FOR THEM With all due respect for the very real tragedy David Batters’ widow Denise Batters has been through, and with nothing but the best wishes for success in her drive for a national suicide prevention program: Conservative policies and ideas hurt a lot of people. It bugs the hell out of me when Conservative supporters only call for expanded social programs after something horrible happens to them.

DON’T TELL ME THIS DOESN’T REALLY MATTER Guess which 80s new wavers are playing the Casino toniiiiight? I proclaim that Fun Shall Be Had.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

12 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Jobs, Sask NDP, Greece, Altona Sucks, Going Platinum”

  1. Chartier may have just disqualified herself with this statement: “I’ve got a young family and I’m just not sure that’s conducive to leadership.”

    Cue the Sask Party dim-lighting and voice-over attack ad paranoia: “Danielle Chartier admits herself that she’s not leadership material…If she doesn’t consider herself a leader, then how can Saskatchewan???”

    Sorry, I mean no disrespect, and in fact her unguardedness is what would make her a great leader with great appeal, but the sewer-dwelling rightwing can’t be trusted with any type of statement these days. Oh, and if you think the SP wouldn’t use this against her should she run and win, just watch how low they’ll go.

  2. Yes and with all due respect, wasn’t there some sordid little secret that Batters was keeping from the public?

  3. Re #3: Altona is one of the Bible Belt communities in Manitoba with a large Mennonite population. Not all Mennonites are troglodytes* but if you are going to find them in numbers it will be in the smaller communities like Altona. So unfortunately I am not surprised by this article. Amazing how “religious freedom” gets to trump human rights and dignity. And rainbows.

    * Of course, SW and I are not literally referring to actual troglodytes who would have trouble existing in a geological area that does not support caves much larger than a bank swallow nest.

  4. Many Mennonites are robustly anti-troglodyte, in fact. I knew MCC Mennonites growing up. Very, very good people.

  5. Re:#3, there are several degrees of strictness among Mennonite communities; some are much more liberal than others. I grew up with Mennonites who did not dance, but who had no problem going to dances in the local school to visit and to help with the lunch. The most forgiving people I have ever met were Mennonites, and we’re talking forgiveness for horrifying, family-destroying murder. Lastly, I have a beloved aunt who was Mennonite until she fell in love with my United Church uncle. They are straitlaced, but if there’s a family or community emergency, they are great neighbours. Please don’t tar all Mennonites with the same brush.

  6. Was Dave Batters a mennonite? Good on the Prairie Dog for not digging into the personal life of a trusted 0Regina Conservative.

  7. Not sure why Mr. Stew is so obsessed by Mr. Batters, but he seems like a 4-year-old who is nearly bursting at the seams to say something. And really, as Mr. Batters is deceased, there is very little else that needs to be said.

  8. Well Mr. Batters was my MP for a time when I lived in Palliser and I’d just like to know what kind of person he was. You can’t tell much from that Conservative campaign lit, what with their family values campaigns and senseless attacks on the opposition. But seriously, nowhere have I seen or heard these rumours fleshed out. Id just like to know, if true, if they contributed to his depression. Totally fair question.

  9. One area our current government has actually been fairly human and decent in is mental health. Of course, their bizarre and often fantastical hard line on addiction undermines a lot of the good they’ve done. But the Harper Tories have not been complete a-holes with regards to mental health.

  10. I am a mennonite and my brother committed suicide how about dropping the cheap ass generalizations for once!For example there are five mennonite churchs in the Swift Current area ranging from very old world to very liberal. Ever heard of doing some research!

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