1 TWO SUPREME COURT JUDGES RETIRE; THE CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT WILL PICK THEIR REPLACEMENTS Supreme court appointments haven’t been big news in Canada before. They will be now, because a lot of Canadians are worried the Conservatives will put a closet religious kook or two on the court–assuming they can find one that’s qualified. Well, we’ll see how this plays out. It’ll be interesting.

2 DOOMSDAY CLOCK TICKING ON ATLANTA HOCKEY The Thrashers need new owners but the money-hemorrhaging  team is having trouble finding anyone who wants to keep it in Atlanta. I wonder if they might relocate somewhere? Now whooo would be interested in an NHL team? I wonder. Hm hmm hmmmmm.

3 DUMBFUCKS AMOK Kansas waves their redneck flag by approving a bill that makes it illegal for insurance companies to cover abortion. This is of course the same state where madmen murder abortion providers. I’m sure the late, unlamented Osama bin Laden would’ve thought this was a good start — he thought bizarre, ancient religious values trumped basic human freedoms too. And really, the everyday-Jane Canadian women who aren’t religious extremists need to pay attention and be outraged. A lot of Saskatchewanians want Canada to be like this and we just elected a federal government that will almost certainly attempt to nudge us in this direction, based on their MPs’ past voting records.

4 HE’S A LUNATIC AND A SOCIOPATH BUT AT LEAST HE’S AN HONEST U.S. presidential hopeful Ron Paul says there shouldn’t be any federal assistance when there’s a natural disaster. None. Nada. Zip.  Why? “I think that’s the way a free society works and that’s what the Constitution mandates.”

5 SPEAKING OF EXTREME VIEWS AND STUPIDITY A Hasidic newspaper from Brooklyn, New York, has apologized for photoshopping females out of the now-iconic White House situation room photo. The newspaper won’t publish pictures of women because of “modesty laws”.

6 MORE ON INSITE A decent article in Macleans says the technical legal arguments are “baggage” and the court case is about a “very weakly defended” ideological and political decision. In other words, constipated poopypants politics.

I’m in the mood for a song that explains conservative religious values in a way that makes sense. How about this?