6-in-the-morning1 SNOW! We haz it!

2 CALGARY! It actually might not elect a Conservative in a byelection. Long-time friend of the ‘dog Gillian Steward has some thoughts on this.

3 UGANDA DECIDES AGAINST KILLING THE GAYS, STILL PUSHES EVIL, STUPID, BIGOTED LAW Not only are homosexual acts still illegal in Uganda, but increased penalties are still being pushed for. At least the braniac notion of making homosexuality punishable by death was shelved thanks no doubt to gigantic international pressure, including from Canada’s Conservative government (!!!). Classic example of a corrupt political culture taking a fake moral stance to appeal to populist antiquated prejudices.

4 VIC TOEWS  DEMANDS MEASURABLE PROGRESS! Canada’s public safety minister wants the RCMP’s attempts to fix gender discrimination to include “specific, objectively measurable, milestones”. This from the party that’s earned the wrath of members of the reality-based continuum for constant attacks on science and research, but okay.

5 HORRIBLE A teenage girl was shot dead in Delhi after she asked a man to stop urinating against her front door.

6 BLACK FRIDAY! It’s gross! Wait, we already knew that. Anyway, Regina something something whatever.

IS THIS THE BEST PSA IN WORLD HISTORY? I don’t know, but thank you, Australia.