Six In The Morning: India, Kashmir, Quebec, America, Saskatchewan

6-in-the-morning1 DEAR LEADER IS IN INDIA Read about Dear Leader chasing trade agreements and eating samosas here.

2 WILL THE SASK PARTY LOWER THE DRINKING AGE TO 18? As a staunch leftist I oppose such a reckless move oh wait I certainly do not oppose this. I’m with the Saskatchewan Party on this: old enough to vote, old enough to drink. No one should be forced to cope with democracy sober. Phooey on the Saskatchewan temperance league!

3 PAKISTAN KILLS ANOTHER DAUGHTER The misogyny is off the charts in this story from a “remote village” in Pakistan-administered Kashmir, where two parents murdered their daughter with acid after she looked at a boy (twice).  That story also reports there were 943 documented honour killings in Pakistan last year. Horrible.

4 NATE SILVER TAKES ALL THE FUN OUT OF CHRISTMAS Here’s the latest post about the presidential election on the blog FiveThirtyEight. Silver currently gives Barack Obama an 86 per cent chance of re-election.

5 HEY, PAYPHONES ARE ACTUALLY IMPORTANT We apparently just learned this during FrankenSandy!  Because no one could have predicted cell phone service might go down in a natural disaster. No, we must always have concrete examples of problems before we can act on them (see also: climate change). Anyway, if we don’t let Bell Canada jack the cost of using pay phones to a buck they’re gonna take some of them away. Because they don’t make enough money on their other services, I guess. Assholes.

6 QUEBEC STUDENT LEADER RAISES A BUNCH OF CASH FOR COURT COSTS But it’s not enough. You can help him out here (site is in French, hopefully someone will set up an English language page for us monolingual losers soon). Here’s some background on the case.

HE’S SORRY, SO SORRY Have you read Paul Constant’s apology yet? It sounds like Paul wants to take a ride on the Mercy Line!

Clumsy segue: The Modern Superstitions have an incredible new CD, which you can read about here. This song isn’t on it, though! They don’t have any videos for their new album! Crazy! Kids today!

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

8 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: India, Kashmir, Quebec, America, Saskatchewan”

  1. No. 2: I don’t think most people care…some people will care, people who don’t want their high school-aged children shopping at the SLGA for Easter break, but most probably won;t care. However, to embrace the facile, faux-populist “argument” of “old enough to vote, old enough to drink” is to be doing a disservice to thoughtful readers everywhere. No one ever drove a vote into a brick wall or minivan full of kids, nor did anyone ever shit the bed on finals cuz they were out voting all night long. That said, I’m sure most Grade 12 kids will act responsibly, but this still isn’t the “NO-BRAINER” that most supporters act like it is. (Plus I’m sure young readers and night club advertisers will love it, too.)

  2. P.S. All I ask is that they spare us from the public relations propaganda of showing us an ad in which an 18-year-old pleads with the public re: how incredibly cruel current legislation, which is preventing him from walking into a pub to have a beer with his terminally-ill grandfather on his 18th birthday, is.

  3. P.P.S. As for the NDP opposition, they should most definitely oppose this, if only as an intellectual exercise, as this is not really a right or left issue.

    Ever since the whiny dum-dums took control of the party when Romanow left, party policy’s been pretty devoid of intellectual rigour, and it has showed, obviously, in the polls. And if the party thinks that green-lighting this with a free pass to the Sask Party is going to help them get back into power anytime before 2023, they probably fooling themselves. Fight it! You will only win with the adults, and by the time 18-year-olds are old enough to count, they’ll have realized this is a stupid issue anyway.

  4. I have absolutely seen voters drive their democracy into brick walls. Many times. Anyway, perhaps if people are worried about car accidents the age for licences should be raised to 19. Actually, make that 21. Driving is far more dangerous than alcohol.

  5. 2. military minimum age 16.

    So, you can kill an enemy but you can’t drink a beer, smoke a cig/cigar or vote.

  6. Bro: I don’t think so, no. That law bugs me but so do strip clubs, so I’ll let other people argue that one out.

  7. 2) Age 18 for Alcohol? It’s another rehash of what the NDP under Lorne Calvert already explored. Only 3 Provinces in Canada currently have age limit of 18. It’s not surprising when the youth member crowd of any political party has booze on their mind. Find something better kids!

    3) Another so called honor killing? Ignorance yet again runs rampant in remote villages.

    6) All those funds shouldn’t go to that fool’s court costs. They should go to reimbursing for damages done by these protests.

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