6-in-the-morning1 JOB PROGRAM HAS NO JOBS, NO PROGRAM Last spring, the Stephen Harper government poured a few mill into advertising a job program that didn’t exist. It still doesn’t exist.

2 WHY IS STEPHEN HARPER BANNING USERS OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA FROM GROWING THEIR OWN POT, ANYWAY? They’re supposed to destroy it with kitty litter. And now here are two good reasons people should be allowed to grow their own medical marijuana: in the first place, it’s going to be more affordable for people on limited budgets, which a lot of very sick people are (because they often can’t work, right?) and second, when you grow your own, you can grow stuff that works for you. Not all pot is the same. This is just such an ignorant, clueless and frankly immoral policy. The Harper government is so terrible.

3 A 14-YEAR OLD HONOUR KILLING Final arguments have begun in the extradition hearings for the mother and uncle of Jaswinder Sidhu, who was allegedly murdered because she married someone other than the man her family wanted.  Malkit Kaur Sidhu and Surjit Singh Badesha face trial in India if extradited.

4 SPEAKING OF CULTURAL MISOGYNY Have you been following this story at York university? Some devout little shit said he couldn’t do a class project with women because it’s against his religion, and, um, he actually had some support from the school.

5 SPEAKING OF CULTURAL BIGOTRY Nigeria is a very homophobic place. For the sake of simplicity, I blame America.

6 EGYPT VOTES ON A NEW CONSTITUTION Story here. This will replace the Muslim Brotherhood’s Shariah-based constitution, which is barely more than a year old and gave the military an opening to launch a coup.

BONUS: MEANWHILE IN SASKATCHEWAN The investigation into the Christmas Eve afternoon refinery explosion that shook the downtown Shopper’s Drug Mart I was in at the time begins; more flu vaccine has arrived and here’s the details and Murray Mandryk has an interesting column on shifting Saskatchewan election dates.

LOOK, IT’S THE GAME OF THRONES SEASON FOUR TRAILER If you haven’t read the books or aren’t up-to-date with the show, you might want to make a point of not noticing which popular characters are conspicuously absent and presumed brutally murdered.