Six In the Morning: I Didn’t Read The Links Because I’m Too Busy Edition


2 SOMETHING ABOUT THE CRTC AND INTERNET BILLING There’s a public hearing and I’m sure it’s important.

3 PHONE HACKING: MORE THAN ANYONE HAS TIME TO READ But it sure looks interesting. Well, maybe just read this because it’s important, this because it’s appalling, this thing about Rupert Murdoch’s British Sky Broadcasting bid and this because it’s kind of funny.

4 THE U.S. DEBT CEILING CRISIS CONTINUES Read the latest here. Long story short: Republicans are ruthless, self-interested dinks willing to hold the global economy hostage to get their way, which is basically cut everything but stuff that benefits the wealthy and screw the poor, some of whom  kinda deserve it because they keep voting Republican. Hey, here’s a must read thing about how out of touch Americans are about their own self-interest.

5 CITY COUNCILLOR ATTENDANCE ISSUES Couture has a column. I say councillors are absurdly underpaid. Thirty-four grand a year for a City councillor? That’s nuts for the amount of work involved, and it’s probably bad for democracy because a lot of good people couldn’t afford to do the job for that kind of money (then again, almost everyone in media is badly paid and we still show up for work…)


HAVE A VIDEO Okay, fine. I’ll probably see this movie when it comes out. Tintin rules.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

13 thoughts on “Six In the Morning: I Didn’t Read The Links Because I’m Too Busy Edition”

  1. Hey I read in the Regina Sun or Community News or whatever it’s called that “Milton Heights” is turning into a seniors’ complex, and their article lamented the “low retirement vacancy rate” which is much higher than the overall rental vacancy rate. They completely ignored these questions: Is that building still occupied by renters of all ages? And if so, what the heck happens to them when the building is transitioned into a retirement complex? And what does that do to the rental vacancy rate? That is a pretty big building.

  2. #1 Harper is right, in that Canadians don’t prance around with their private parts dangling about, but that’s small-c conservative in behaviour, not political orientation.

    Big-C Canadian Conservative is just a rotting stew of filthy disgusting special interest goo and self-loathing. So Harper’s game, as per usual, is one of semantics.

    The most “conservative” people I know are die-hard CCF’ers. It obviously does not mean they give a hoot about lair Harper and his drooling band of misfit opportunists.

  3. #5. How much should a councillor be paid, then? Should they recuse themselves from their positions as construction industry lobbyists and real estate developers while they serve? I highly doubt Regina’s team of city councillors do it for or despite the money. $34K sounds good to me. This isn’t the GTA. Go fix the dog park.

  4. They should treat council as a full-time job and they definitely shouldn’t be sitting on private industry association boards or selling houses. And if that means a couple less councillors for a Regina-sized city, I say fair enough. Dunno what the salary should be but $50K seems like a starting discussion point.

    Let’s get Dechene to do a feature on this topic!

  5. Harper’s comment is arrogant, yes, but he may be right. There is a pervading sense of fear out there, with more and more people wanting to “change back to how things were”; this mythical idea that things were great “before”.

  6. in response to #1 anonymous… i am a resident at Milton Heights and unfortunately i just found out about their little plan about 5 minutes ago on the leader post’s website.
    i too wonder what will happen to me?? i’m certainly no senior. where will i go? i’ve put up with 2 1/2 years of full-time construction, and for what… to get kicked out for being young?

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