1. I FOR ONE WELCOME OUR NEW INSECT OVERLORDS: Businesses in Beijing are being told (not asked) to install surveillance software to spy on their customers. (via Guardian)

2. MICHELE BACHMANN MAKES PEOPLE WANT TO KILL THEMSELVES: Over the past two years, nine teenagers from the Minnesotan Representative’s school district have taken their own lives. (via Mother Jones)

3. THIS SEEMS TO HAPPEN WITH SOME REGULARITY: Another person has woken up in a morgue 21 hours after everyone took them for dead. When you consider that stories like this surface in the news every year or so, you’d think the morgue staff would be more thorough. It’s pretty embarrassing. (via Toronto Star/Associated Press)

4. I REMEMBER THE TIME MY CAR WAS IMPOUNDED: A jet belonging to the Thai crown prince has been impounded in Munich. Imagine his outrage; he shows up for an idyll weekend of strawberry picking and würst, and then this happens. (via Der Spiegel)

5. I DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS, BUT.. The Winnipeg Jets have signed a Russian Centre.  (via Winnipeg Free Press).

6. WHO’S GOING TO SAVE TORONTO’S PUBLIC LIBRARIES? MARGARET ATWOOD, THAT’S WHO!: The author is helping to lead the charge against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s plan to close and/or privatize many of that city’s public library branches. Yes, this a Toronto story, but the privatization of public libraries is rapidly becoming a North American story. And take a look around; do you really think it couldn’t happen here? (via Globe & Mail)