Six In The Morning: Happy Friday The 13th

6-in-the-morning1 DEATH PENALTY FOR CONVICTED RAPIST MURDERERS Yeah, no, bad idea. Killing people doesn’t fix a violent society. How about 25-40 years in prison?

2 ANOTHER CHARGE LAID IN RIDER BAR BRAWL Read words about it here. CJME has the story as well, but with security footage.

3 “NOTHING MORE THAN AN AFTER-THE-FACT ATTEMPT TO JUSTIFY HIS BLOWS” A Toronto Police officer is convicted of assaulting a G20 protester.

4 CANADA POST LOOKS AT SERVICE CUTS More decent, well-paying careers down the bog to be replaced, I suppose, by McJobs.


6 NO PANTS FOR THIS MONKEY Darwin the Ikea monkey is deemed to be a wild animal. The question I have no answer to is: what’s best for the monkey?

A BUNCH OF BONUS NEWS Parliament is officially prorogued again; the U.S. and Russia want to revive Syrian peace talks; Canada’s famous former envoy to Iran says the Harper government is trash-talking our nation’s striking diplomats; you probably heard about the new movie in the Harry Potter universe;  there’s some big-time flooding in Colorado; a section of track near the Lac-Megantic train disaster has problems; Quebec’s PQ government is full of racist, dissembling, pussies and it’s making Quebec look really bad; someone was accused of throwing a drink on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford; here’s some stuff about Twitter’s initial public offering; a paparazzo knocked Nicole Kidman over; a cutie-poo ball python escaped in an Issaquah, Washington school so naturally people are going to freak out even though dogs and cats escape all the freaking time;  and the U.S. Republican Congress holding the nation’s economy hostage have forced the FBI to close offices for 10 days a year. Good work, patriots!

HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH! Eeeeeeeyaaaaaaaaaagh!

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

6 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Happy Friday The 13th”

  1. 4. Right. People keep saying shit like, “Oh, I can live with every other day service…” We can also live with eating only every other day. This is about dismantling a tradition, crapping good middle-income careers down the flusher, and further eroding the union movement in this country. Just more proof that Giant Tiger will become Canada’s biggest employer by 2030. $11.25/hr.

  2. How long since we had 6-day delivery? The British are only now losing theirs. And when was the last time you wrote a letter? The business is changing.

  3. Barb, the business has changed, but not in a way that justifies service cuts. Canada Post has always been in the best infrastructure position to capitalize on the explosion of package delivery from online retailers. Unfortunately, the government has handcuffed their ability to do so. If SaskTel had been denied entry into the lucrative broadband and wireless markets for being outside their core business, is there any doubt landline service in Saskatchewan would have suffered?*

    *I feel it’s necessary to note that I am a SaskTel employee. However, my opinions are my own and in no way represent official SaskTel policy/opinions.

  4. 3. Officer Bubbles and Constable BAG were hardly atypical examples of police behaviour during the G20 protests. Until accountability rolls up to those who set the tone for police behaviour, we’ll continue to see temperature-raising kettling, rights-defying searches and dehumanizing detentions adopted as SOP during large-scale protests.

  5. Thanks for the disclosure, Brad.

    Re: Canada Post, I’m old enough to remember Joe Davidson and “to hell with the public”, as well as the successful campaign to amalgamate the letter-carriers’ union with the inside postal workers’ union, to the strong advantage of the latter. In my university days, I worked as a seasonal casual mail sorter (“Christmas elf”), witnessing and experiencing the attitudes and behaviours of said inside postal workers: they would have been fired from a McJob within 24 hours, for harassment alone, never mind sabotage. I also experienced the attitude of postal workers to flyer delivery: they groused about it mightily, then when said delivery was outsourced, all but spat at flyer carriers on the street; again, I speak from experience. I was very glad that my father, despite his relevant wartime experience and veterans’ preference, had turned down a post office career in favour of farming.

  6. 1) Nah, Death penalty is quicker to reducing # of prisoners in already overcrowded costly prisons.
    2) Keep Brawling Riders! Even if it’s not during gametime.
    3) Adam Nobody caused trouble which lead to it. Too bad that constable didn’t keep his cool.
    4) Canada Post will be in the parcel delivery business if traditional letters are going the way of the dodo.
    5) Maybe more Canadians and schools should watch episodes of Til Debt Do Us Part. This lady knows her shit.
    6) Let the monkey be a monkey. Not some silly lady’s notion of a pet child.
    Friday the 13th….Socialists live!

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