4 in the AfternoonCONSERVATIVE NEANDERTHAL MAURICE VELLACOTT ISN’T RUNNING NEXT ELECTION It’s true! Unfortunately, I will never be able to un-hear all the dangerously dumb things he said over the years. Vellacott, a strongly religious person who opposed abortion rights and same-sex marriage, had bad ideas and a bizarre worldview that had the potential to hurt people. As University of Saskatchewan political science professor David McGranes aid on Twitter: “Maybe the reason that Maurice Vellacott is leaving politics is that his ideas are suited more to SK in 1950 than SK in 2013.”

LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE PLUS 1,000 YEARS Women-enslaver Ariel Castro accepts a plea deal that will let him avoid the death penalty. I wonder how many other women-dungeons are out there.

NO CHANGES PLANNED TO PETITION RULES The Province gives a perfectly reasonable answer to questions about changes to legislation. Because the “problem” with Regina Water Watch’s petition wasn’t the legislation–it was the city clerk’s gonzo interpretation of the legislation.

JUSTIN TRUDEAU WANTS TO LEGALIZE POT AND THE CONSERVATIVES ARE OUTRAGED!  The Tories are attacking Trudeau again, yawwwn.  But the fact is, it’s beyond stupid that pot–a popular recreational drug–is illegal while booze and smokes aren’t. Why do the Tories fight? Do they want to protect drug dealer’s profits? Are they just scared of having fun? What is it? Because their position on pot  makes no sense. Come on, it’s 2013 already. Legalize pot. And stop voting Conservative, the wet blankets of Canadian politics.