6 in the Morning1 CONSERVATIVES VS UNIVERSITIES 1 Sounds like the feds are serious about killing First Nations University. Good timing seeing as it’s finally been fixed. I dunno, maybe next election Saskatchewan should vote in some Conservatives because the current government never does anything for our province except break stuff. (CBC)

2 FUN IN RUSSIA More bombs, death and sadness. (Guardian)

3 SCHOOL’S OUT The Canadian Council on Learning delivers its final report to the government that defunded it. Its conclusions: Canada isn’t doing enough to promote lifelong learning — and that’s making us weak and uncompetitive. (Globe And Mail)

4 TROUBLED AGENCY’S FIRED MANAGERS SAY THEY WERE HARASSED AND SILENCED More woe with the arm’s-length federal agency Rights And Democracy, with has been riven by political battles between pro-Israel, Conservative-appointee  board members and staff. (Toronto Star)

5 NO NEW RESEARCH REACTOR Canada won’t replace the Chalk River facility. Far from an expert but seems like if (if!) medical isotope production is something Canada should be doing, the government that failed on this would’ve been Chretien’s Liberals, because a replacement reactor should’ve been in development 10 years ago. (Calgary)

6 DRILL, BABY, DRILL U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration proposes more offshore drilling. (New York Times) Just curious–after we strip every last bit of  this planet’s resources leaving it a ruined, over-heated, polluted husk that can’t support our species let alone our civilization(s), is that when the rapture comes? Because things here won’t be so good.