Six In The Morning: Featuring (mostly) Things That Stink


1  LE MONDE SAYS SYRIA IS ABSOLUTELY USING CHEMICAL WEAPONS  Reporters and photographers for the French newspaper say they’ve witnessed the use of said weapons in combat.

2  MAYOR ACCUSES MEDIA OF DISTORTING THE TRUTH  No, not that mayor. Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto insists that his idiotic, insensitive, and thoroughly undiplomatic remarks about the use of sex-slaves during the Second World War were somehow rendered that way by journalists, and not his own gormless self. 

3  FINGERS CROSSED  The monumental snow dump from 2012/13 just might stick around until next winter. I’m not ready to think about next winter, are you?

4  MICHAEL REGAN REALLY DOESN’T BELIEVE IN CLIMATE CHANGE  First it was cooling, now it’s warming – make up your minds! (I’m paraphrasing).

5  THEY’VE GOT MOXY!  Those kids who wanted to bring the drive-in movie experience back to Regina are getting closer to realizing their goal.

6  HE WHO SMELLED IT…  Farmers in the U.S. are having to deal with an infestation of stink bugs. It’s not their bouquet that offends (apparently they just smell like coriander), so much as the damage they do to crops.


FROM THE PERSONAL JOURNAL OF ROB FORD…  I was going to leave the Fords alone this morning (I think we’ve all had just about enough), but then I came across this.

Author: Wanda Schmöckel

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3 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Featuring (mostly) Things That Stink”

  1. #5. Cool. Good for them. I wonder if his girlfriend regrets moving here?

  2. C’mon TF Jr.,her idea of setting up a drive in theatre in Regina suggests nothing about regrets. She only wants to make Regina better with a business opportunity.

    1) Syria may be in the news, but I doubt any North Americans are giving much thought about their civil war.
    2) That mayor should have kept his WWII sex slave statement to himself.
    3) Don’t say anything about winter already! We have spring!
    4) Weather can be dangerous anytime.
    5) I’m all for it! All the Best to them.
    6) Stink bugs threatening Farmer’s Crops! OH NO! Bring out the bug bomb!
    Yeah….Rob Ford has a diary…..riiiight!

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