1 DEATH STRIKES ON SUNDAY In case you missed it: yesterday planet Earth said a tearful goodbye to Czech writer, poet and president Vaclav Havel and a sneering good riddance to spooky North Korean despot Kim Jong Il.

2 BECAUSE CANADA’S CLASSY LIKE THAT A 57-year-old Winnipeg woman exposed to Agent Orange in the 1960s (thank you, secret U.S. government experiments) and is now dying of cancer won’t get compensation.

3 STADIUM TALK TONIGHT Big council meeting as the city’s politicians will consider a public private partnership (P3) for a new stadium. Comment one: in general, critics see P3s as a mechanism for sticking the public with risks and losses and the private sector with perks and profits. Critics are, generally speaking, probably not altogether wrong though the devil’s in the details. Comment two: Sure, stadium, great, hey, you know what needs attention? How about Regina’s housing crisis? You know? Skyrocketing rents? Lowest vacancy rate in the country? Mass evictions? Hello? I recognize that we’re in the middle of a calculated ¬†social-engineering experiment designed to force everybody in Regina to buy property in Harbour Landing (not to mention vehicles, to drive to and from Harbour Landing) but it’s getting a little much. Please fix. Thank you.

4 AND IN THE MIDDLE EAST… It’s army versus protesters in Egypt, possible peace (but we’re not holding our breath) in Syria and Iraq is trudging into a political crisis.

5 SPEAKING OF IRAQ The U.S. is out.

6 LET HIM TALK Terry Gillespie was abused by his scoutmaster then told he couldn’t talk about it after an out-of-court settlement with Scouts Canada. Now he talks about all that.

MORNING VIDEO: ROTATE YOUR OWL Better do what science says, it’s got rap music.