Six In The Morning: Europe, Loose Snakes, Murder, Pro-Gay Tories?

1 THERE WAS A SASK LEADER’S DEBATE LAST NIGHT Well, the leaders of two parties, anyway. I understand that a bar has to be set somewhere, but ideas are being excluded. Crabbers.

2 WE’RE MURDERING LESS AND LESS Hey, Canada’s homicide rate is at a 44-year low. It’s just not easy to get murdered any more, but if your heart’s really set on it you might want to live in Thunder Bay, Saskatoon or Regina (represent!), Winnipeg, Halifax or Edmonton. The story doesn’t go into it but I suspect there might be some murder correlation with poverty and ethnicity, too. Just a hunch. Anyway: so why is the Canadian government going all tough on crime when crime’s down? It’s expensive and makes no sense.

3 EUROPE DEBT SUMMIT The continent’s leaders meet to try to fix this European debt crisis thing. Should be easy. I imagine they’ll have it all solved by noon, latest. Hey, let’s have a video! It’s old but it holds up well.

4 SOME CONSERVATIVE PROGRESS ON GAY RIGHTS?!?! The Canadian political party that fought tooth and nail against same-sex marriage rights, removed references to gays and lesbians in Canada’s citizenship guides and has defunded pride events is making the right noises on GLBT issues leading up to a Commonwealth leaders’ meeting in Australia. This c0mes after a bullied TorontoOttawa gay teen committed suicide last week. Glad to see it but  a lot more needs to be done by a party that’s still full of religious freaks. Let’s have another video!

5 IDIOTS SHOULD NOT KEEP SNAKES AS PETS Not that this was in any way a dangerous situation, but some Toronto goober’s harmless snakes got out and lurked in toilets and walls. I’ve had pet snakes for 16  years, including corn snakes like in the story. They’ve never escaped to a wall or toilet. Snakes are easy to manage, low-maintenance, long-lived pets that are ideal for apartments. Idiots shouldn’t keep ’em. Bah I say.


Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

4 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Europe, Loose Snakes, Murder, Pro-Gay Tories?”

  1. OT, what do you know about the new city magazine, “Verb”? I saw its boxes, as yet empty, when I was downtown today. Are they expanding from Saskatoon?

  2. Why make it sound that the CPCs move on Gay Rights and the Hubley suicide are related.How do know the CPC is full of religious nuts. Did you ask or did you just make it up as usual.

  3. Thanks for the comment, Brian. One might cheekily suggest you’d know about making things up! I can’t recall ever seeing a reference or a link for anything you’ve written.

    First: the Conservatives just released an It Gets Better video dedicated to Jamie Hubley, so I think it’s fair to say they’re aware of his suicide. (Link here:

    As for my colourful description of Conservatives as the party of religious extremists, this blog has probably hundreds of examples of their shenanigans, from doing everything they can to make abortion more difficult to get to their opposition to same-sex rights to their attempts to censor culture they deem offensive to their values (e.g. the flap around the movie Young People Fucking and the recent album by Holy Fuck.)

    Some links: here’s a voting record reference sheet that was flying around before the last election and shows politicians votes on so-called “family value” (i.e. religious freak) issues. Guess which party has been the most opposed to same-sex marriage rights and abortion rights?:

    There was also a great piece in the Walrus a few years back on Conservative religious extremism. Here’s that link:

    And here’s an old favourite of mine: We actually ran this piece in 2000 or so.

    So there’s an hour or two of reading to get you caught up.

    The recent Conservative moves in the right direction on gay rights surprised me a little. It’s a start. They have a lot to atone for.

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