1 THE QUEEN CITY IS HOT Annnd humid!

2 ARMED, DRUNK AND LOADED FOR BEAR It’s another Regina weekend. In fact, there were 100 calls to city police last night.

3 WHAT WOULD DEBT DEFAULT LOOK LIKE? Oh you know. Bad. Ratings agency Moody’s says the U.S. should just ditch the debt ceiling. Meanwhile, Americans are unimpressed.

4 STAGE COLLAPSES AT OTTAWA BLUESFEST, THREE INJURED. Weather is to blame, Cheap Trick is not. It was “a freak situation” apparently.

5 CHAIN GANGS: GREAT IDEA OR GREATEST IDEA EVER? Actually a terrible idea, say Ontario Liberals who by the way are facing an electoral massacre in the province’s Oct. 3 trip to the polls. It’s so much fun to watch that province sink deeper into one of its cute Tory-loving phases. (Hey, remember when Mike Harris and Mel Lastman wrecked everything? Yeah, Ontario and Toronto neither.)

6 EVIL HOME MOVIES Apparently there’s a new video of Taliban assholes machine-gunning tied-up cops in Pakistan. It’s all in the name of Islam, of course. You know I think I’ll pass.

BONUS: MONDAY MURDOCHPOCALYPSE UPDATE News Corp shares are down, though not as much as you’d probably think; the Metropolitan Police’s assistant commissioner follows his chief and walks the plank;  British PM David Cameron (whose former press secretary was a former NotW editor) is cutting his visit to Africa short to deal with the scandal, and he’s also recalled Parliament; Rebekah Brooks is out on bail and the some Rupert Murdoch-owed U.S. media outlets are whining that they’re being picked on. The Guardian, of course, shreds that nonsense:

At the end of a weekend in which Murdoch and top News Corporation executives have made a round of apologies for the illegal behaviour of News of the World, the Wall Street Journal’s editorial takes a strikingly opposing posture. It adopts a peevish tone, noting “the irony of so much moral outrage devoted to a single media company, when British tabloids have been known for decades for buying scoops and digging up dirt on the famous.”

And now a clip from one of the greatest TV shows ever about who reads which British newspapers. Good morning!