6-in-the-morning1 ONE HAND WASHES THE OTHER Brad Wall wonders aloud why Thomas Mulclair has such a problem with Canada’s resource sector by decrying the hilariously unnecessary Keystone XL pipeline, then tells us that Canada will soon be trading even more of our natural energy sector resources to a brutal dictatorship with an awful environmental record supported by an equally awful labour system that, because it benefits wealthy contemporary imperialists, is reported on as progress. You know, classic Canadian values!

2 SPEAKING OF KEYSTONE XL Hey, you know the State Department document up there, the one that concludes that Keystone won’t really help the American economy (and, because Keystone-related job creation is based largely on the actual construction of the pipeline, one can conclude it won’t do much for our economy, either)? Well, it might actually be bald-faced oil industry shilling. Surprise!

3 RENT REVERSAL Remember that 77% rent increase facing one Cathedral-area apartment block? Well, here’s a rare story of a landlord capitulating on an unpopular and cruel rent increase! Granted, it’s only because apparently the Saskatchewan Rental Housing Industry Association talked to the landlord in question that it happened and presumably said, “DON’T DO THIS BECAUSE EVERYONE HATES US ENOUGH ALREADY,” causing the rental company, Calgary-based Castle Mountain Properties, to “realize that increases of more than 10% are not typical,” which how could you blame them for not realizing that almost doubling someone’s rent in the first rent increase in years is not a typical thing, on account of they aren’t based in our province and thus are unfamiliar with our quaint small-town ways??? I hate this city.

4 GARNEAU OUT Apparently a Trudeau LPC leadership win is a “fait accompli.”

5 RODMAN HOSPITALITY TOUR CONTINUES Today the Dunkistanian Ambassador visits The Vatican. Hooray!

6 LIFE ON MARS Feels like we’ve been over this but sure, cool. Any excuse to post Bowie.