Six In The Morning: Domes, Debates, Eyeballs And Fireworks

1 THE PROVINCE IS LOOKING AT PRIVATIZING ISC CROWN CORPORATION Information Services Corp might soon be for sale and the story is here.  But, but I thought the Sask. Party promised they wouldn’t sell Crowns?

2 THE RIDER’S CEO LIKES OPEN AIR STADIUMS And yet, we need “roof ready”? Beyond that irony, this is just an interesting piece you guys should read.

3 A BC TEEN IS PARALYZED BECAUSE THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM TOTALLY FAILED HIM This is an obscenity. And, tangentially, it is goddamn appalling that Canada held a massive commission to look into health care a decade ago then did fuck-all with the recommendations we paid $1.5 million for.

4 BATTLE OF THE DEBATES The Cathedral neighbourhood hosted a mayoral debate last night and you can read a recap here or check out Dechene’s sterling work (plus a few interruptions from me) on Twitter. Meanwhile, Joe Biden pwned a scummy little Republican troll in the U.S. VP debates. Good. Republicans suck.

5 ALSO, I WAS NOT TOLD THERE WOULD BE FIREWORKS Yesterday the Legislature marked its 100th anniversary and there were fireworks. If you don’t read full-page ads in the Leader-Post, watch the evening news or have children who heard about it in school, you probably didn’t know. Hooray for another typical Saskatchewan marketing and promotions fail.

I’m surly because I like fireworks. They’re prrrrrettyyyy.

6 GIANT MYSTERY EYEBALLS Our friend Howard F. Mackerel would undoubtedly have something to say about this huge weird eyeball that washed up on a Florida beach.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

7 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Domes, Debates, Eyeballs And Fireworks”

  1. Fireworks on a Thursday night in October? I bet the ISC employees didn’t feel like celebrating last night!

  2. @Barb: Right on, I’m with you. Given the choice we must ALWAYS vote giant squid.

  3. 1) So, Sask. is still preconceived by this notion that nearly everything needs to be public, setup as a crown corp., unionized and managed by the gov’t. “Privatization” is a forbidden dirty word. BALONEY!
    It’s strange why the NDP at the time never put the ISC into the Crown Corporations Public Ownership Act where the other crown corps are protected under that act.
    2) Finally! Now we know why it isn’t a good idea to renovate Mosaic Stadium and just build a new one.
    3) Too much neglect going on in Healthcare.
    5) 100 years worth of fireworks…Yay!
    6) Yeah…giant squid eye!

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