1. GET OUT  Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence has asked a Federal Government-appointed middle manager to leave.

2. MORE KILLINGS IN SYRIA  There are reports of more government-sanctioned killings in the city of Homs.

3. MORE PROTESTERS ARRESTED IN MOSCOW  There have been more arrests of anti-Putin protesters after a second day of demonstrations against alleged voter fraud in Russia’s parliamentary elections.

4. EARTH HAS A TWIN!  I wonder if they’re screwing up as badly on that planet as we are here.

5. AND THEY’VE FOUND MORE BLACK HOLES TOO!  Giant black holes! Also, it’s already tomorrow in Australia.

6. “I WISH LIBERALS WOULD LEAVE LITTLE KIDS ALONE”   Fox News is accusing the movie The Muppets of promoting communism. And manipulating the minds of children in the process. Which do they think is worse? Because, really, who looks out for the interests of children more than Fox News?